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Use the ‘Documents folder’ to back up important files (faculty / staff)

copy-to-folder-iconWhen you save your documents and files, be sure to place them in your Documents folder.

All files saved to your Windows’ Documents folder will be automatically backed up and synced to BSU/NTC network storage.  When you get a new computer, all you’ll have to do is log in, and your files will begin transferring to your new machine.

Remember:  only files saved to (or within) your Documents folder are backed up.  Many people use their desktop to store documents.  These files will not be backed up unless you move or copy them to the Documents folder first.

If you are getting a new computer, ITS may ask you to save your files to your Documents folder.  Usually this means to COPY any files you’ve saved to unique locations on your computer and PASTE them into the Documents folder.  Here’s a primer on how to do that:

  1. Open Windows Explorer by right clicking on the Windows Start button and choosing Open Windows Explorer.rightclick-startdocuments
  2. From Windows Explorer, browse to the Desktop (or other location of your files).
  3. Locate the files you want to copy to your Documents folder.
  4. Highlight the files you want to copy (CTRL+left click the files to select multiple items or use the mouse to draw a selection box around the items), then press CTRL+C to copy your selection.
  5. Now find and click the Documents folder located within the Libraries section.  Browse to a folder where you want to save your copied files (if desired).
  6. Press CTRL+V to paste the copied items to their new location.  This will copy the items to your Documents folder where they will be backed up to network storage at next sync.


  1. This process will COPY (duplicate) the files from their original location to the new one.  If you continue working on these files from the original location, there is a risk the copied files may become out of date.
  2. The backup process will only work if you are connected to BSU/NTC network (or using VPN).  If you do this process away from the office, the sync will happen the next time you are on campus.
  3. To force the sync between your Documents folder and BSU/NTC network storage, find the Sync Center icon (part of the icons in the systems tray — near the clock), right click it and select Sync All.sync-all

ITS recommends that you always save files to the Documents folder.