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Use the Address Book to find contacts in Outlook desktop client.

Use the address book to find contact email addresses in the Office 365 cloud.  (Windows).

Since the migration to Office 365, our Global address book contains contacts for all schools in the cloud.  Currently that is about 260,000 people with more joining every month.

Finding the right person can seem a little challenging.  In order to help you find the correct contact, try these tips.

  1. From a new message in the Outlook desktop client, Click the TO: button to open the address book.
  2. In the drop down list, choose the institution you would like to search within.  I’ll search within BSU here.  If you want to search all institutions that have joined the cloud, select Global Address List – <your email here>.
  3. Note: When searching for someone, please use the Advanced Find search and not the basic search.  This will bring up the Find menu where you can search for someone by any part of their first name or last name.  Type in what you know and click OK (partial entry is ok).
  4. Since we selected to search within BSU, our search results will only show matches that have a BSU affiliation and match our search criteria (last name “caro”).  We got three hits – a staff member, and 2 students.  Two seem expected; the 3rd seems a little off… Let’s take a look at the one that doesn’t seem to have a Bemidji State affiliation.
  5. Right-click on any of the names and select Properties to see more information about that contact.  Let’s investigate the Ridgewater account and see why that was returned in our search…
  6. Even though this contact didn’t show a Bemidji State email in the initial search results, we can see that they do have a BSU affiliation listed in their Properties.  Advanced Search is doing its job!  Cancel out of this to return to the search results.
  7. To select someone as a recipient to an email, highlight their name in the search results, then click the TO:, CC:, or BCC: buttons.  Click OK.
  8. You are now back at your message with the selected contact added.  Finish your message and click send.

Note: Once you start emailing someone, they will begin to appear automatically as an auto-complete address.  Just start typing, and the suggestion will appear.

Want to make BSU or NTC your default address list?  See KB article,