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Wireless Configuration Instructions for Personal Devices, Windows Vista

How to connect your personal  Windows Vista device to the BSU or NTC wifi network:

1.  Click on Start and Connect.

2.  At the bottom of the Connections box click Set up a Connection or Network.

3.  Click on Set up a new Connection or Network.

4.  Click Manually Connect to a wireless network and click Next.

5.  Enter the Network name: BSU or NTC and Security type: WPA2 – Enterprise and Encryption type: AES and click Next.

6.  Click back to see the network connections and then you should see BSU or NTc as an option. Right Click on BSU or NTC and Properties.

7.  Click on the Security tab.

8.  Change authentication to PEAP and click Settings.

9.  Uncheck Validate Server Certificate

10.  Authentication Method should be Secured Password (EAP-MSCHAP v2)

11.  Click on Configure and uncheck the box in there and click OK.

12.  Close out of these dialog boxes and then double click on BSU to connect

13.  You will then be able to enter your StarID credentials as the username and password and connect to BSU or NTC.

  • The logon domain will be (for BSU students) and (for BSU faculty and staff), and
  • (for NTC students) and (for NTC faculty and staff)

NoteSupport for Windows Vista expired in April 2017.  Please upgrade your computer to a supported version of Windows to continue receiving security updates.  More info can be found here: