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Wireless configuration instructions for personal devices, Chromebooks

How to connect your personal Chromebook device to the BSU or NTC wifi network:

  1. Click the network icon in the lower right corner of the screen
  2. Select your network status
  3. Select Join other
  4. Select Advanced
  5. Enter the following details in their respective fields
    1. SSID – BSU
    2. EAP method – PEAP
    3. Phase 2 authentication – MSCHAPV2
    4. CA certificate – Do not check
    5. User certificate – None installed
    6. Identity –
      1. (for BSU students) and (for BSU faculty and staff)
      2. (for NTC students) and (for NTC faculty and staff)
    7. Password – Your StarID password
    8. Anonymous identity – Leave blank
  6. Click Connect