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Working From Home

Computer and Software Access From Off Campus

Some of the applications you may use on a regular basis will only be accessible from off campus if you connect to BSU’s network via VPN (Virtual Private Network). A VPN connection will give your computer the same access as if it were directly on the BSU campus network.

The following programs can be used off campus from a BSU laptop with the VPN client:
  • ISRS
  • Accounting on the Web
  • Image Now and Web Now
  • Marketplace
  • EMS
  • Tightrope Carousel Digital Signage


The following program can be used off campus from a BSU laptop with DirectAccess, but without the VPN client:
  • DirectAccess to Network Drives (J: drive)

The VPN client and DirectAccess are not installed on all BSU computers by default. If you expect to be working from home and will need access to programs that require VPN or DirectAccess, please contact Tech Support to get the software installed on your BSU laptop before you leave campus, or to check out a laptop configured with those applications. We do not currently support installing the VPN client or DirectAccess on personal devices.


The following programs can be used from BSU or personal computers without the VPN client or DirectAccess:

We encourage everyone to move to OneDrive for primary file storage. Files stored in your OneDrive folder are accessible from any Internet-connceted computer and are synced to the Cloud.


Telephone Access From Off Campus

There are a few options for handling your work telephone if you are working from home.

Forward Your Phone: You can forward your office phone to a personal landline, or cell phone, as long as the are a local telephone number. If you do this and you miss the call, the callers will hear your personal voicemail greeting and the message will be on your personal phone – not on your office phone.  This needs to be done from your office phone or you can email the request to

Forward Voicemail to Email: You can request to have a copy of your voicemail forwarded to email. Email the request to  Voicemail messages left on your office phone will be forwarded as attachments to your email.  The voicemail messages will still be stored on your office voicemail, so if you’re away for a lengthy period of time, you’ll want to call in and clear the messages so your voicemail box doesn’t fill up.  Please see the KB article below on how to check voicemail while away.

How to check voicemail while away: You can call in to check for new voicemail messages on your office phone.

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