Computer Labs

Writing a term paper in AC Clark lab.Bemidji State University has a variety of public and department labs available for student use.

With over 100 machines distributed over 4 floors, the primary and largest lab on campus is the A.C. Clark public lab located in the A.C. Clark library.

Need to do some late-night work?  The Beaver Lounge, located in Decker 108, is BSU’s first 24/7 computer lounge.  Students use their key cards to access.  Features include comfortable study chairs, private group study rooms, personal device charging stations, color printing, and more!

Computers located in the library and the Beaver Lounge have BSU’s complete software library installed on them. You should be able to find the application you need to complete any assignment.

Looking to scan a book?  The library has a book scanner available for student use.  Printers and copiers are located in the library too.

If you have any questions or something is just not working the way it should, stop by the Service Desk for assistance.

You will also find many specialty labs at BSU designed for your major.  Please check with your instructor to see what labs you’ll be using.

All users of labs are expected to adhere to BSU’s Lab and Acceptable Use policies.  You can find those listed on our policies page.

Here is a listing of some of the labs on campus:
Lab NameLocation# of Computers
A.C.Clark Library Public Lab A.C.Clark Library (all floors) 99
A.C.Clark Library rm122 A.C.Clark Library rm122 25
Academic Resource Center (ARC) Oak Hall 6
Accounting Lab Memorial 250 31
Advising Success Lab Decker 222 10
AIRC student lounge American Indian Resource Center 6
Beaver Lounge Decker 108 23
Bensen Classroom Bensen 420 30
CAD Lab Bridgeman 214 31
CAD Lab 2 Bridgeman 225 30
CAL Classroom Hagg-Sauer 109 26
CIS Lab Memorial 270 31
Computer Science Hagg-Sauer 104 25
CORT Student Lounge Bridgeman 204A 8
Digital I/O Bridgeman 203 2
Geography Hagg-Sauer 246 28
Geology Sattgast 111 2
Hobson Union / H2O Hobson Memorial Union 6
Mac Lab Bridgeman 218 31
Math Help Room Hagg-Sauer 232 1
Math Lounge Hagg-Sauer 234 1
Model Processing Bridgeman 112 3
Modern Language Hagg-Sauer 110B 3
Multimedia Lab Deputy 219 5
Music Listening Bangsberg 227 7
Music Technology Bangsberg 118 11
Nursing Bensen 2nd Floor 6
PE Gillett 141 5
Physics 1 Sattgast 307 6
Physics 2 Sattgast 301 6
Psychology 1 Hagg-Sauer 224 3
Psychology 2 Hagg-Sauer 203 2
Science Sattgast 371 24
Sociology Hagg-Sauer 359 6
Union Kiosk HMU, Upper 2
Video Edit Suites Deputy 261 12
Walnut Kiosk Walnut 1F 2
Writing Resource Hagg-Sauer 110A 2