StarID Student FAQ

StarID-BSU-logoYou have questions about StarID.  We have answers.

Q)  How do students use StarID?

A)  Your username and password for all campus services and resources are your StarID credentials. You will use StarID to log in to the MyBSU or MyNTC web portal, lab computers, campus WiFi, D2L Brightspace, email, e-services, etc…

Q)  Do I have a StarID and what is the password?

A)  Yes, all students have a StarID.  If you are unsure what your StarID username or password is, please go to the StarID Self Service site to lookup your StarID or reset the password.

Q)  What does a StarID look like?

A)  StarID follows a 2 letter, 4 number, 2 letter format.  For example:  xy4321ab

Q) Is my email address my starID username?

A)  No.  Emails are based on your name.  New students will receive their email address as part of the orientation process.

Q)  I’ve heard there are 2 formats to enter my StarID on campus depending on what I’m doing.  Which one should I use?

A)  Yes.  There are 2 ways to enter your StarID depending on the service you are trying to access.  It’s important to note that they both reference one StarID account, and the password is the same for both.  The 2 choices are:

  • StarID only (EX: xy4321ab) or
  • “” or “” (EX:  
Here’s the plan for BSU:
Use your StarID only to log into: Use to log into:
Here’s the plan for NTC:
Use your StarID only to log into: Use to log into: