Minutes – September 16, 2019, ASF Membership Meeting

ASF Membership Meeting

September 16, 2019 • 3:30pm-4:30pm • The Crying Wolf Room in the Hobson Memorial Union


Aspen Easterling, Lesa Lawrence, Jodi Knott, Ann Humphrey, Chrissy Koch, Mike Simpson, Paul Muller, Jordan Lutz, Bob Strand, Angie Clark, Margie Giauque, Cherish Hagen-Swanson, Zak Johnson, Christian Breczinski, Chelsey Crotty, Kris Williams, Brandon Schutz, Loralyn Kuechle, Alex Lawlor, Bonner Karger, Nikki Nebosis

Called to order at 3:45pm


1. Welcome/Introductions

Bonner Karger – Thank you all for coming. This meeting we have a variety of members and non-members joining us. So lets go around the room and introduce ourselves and what department/office you work in.

2. Members vs. Non-Members & Terminology

Bonner Karger – Since we do have some non-members and new members joining us, I think it would be good to go over some of the terminology that we often use. To start off with, our Executive Board is our local Bemidji State University ASF unit that consists of a President (Bonner Karger), President Elect (Stephanie Bard), Past President (Kierstin Hoven/Margie Giauque), Treasurer (Jodi Knott), Secretary (Nikki Nebosis), Membership Coordinator (Chelsey Crotty), Negotiator (Stephanie Bard), and Chief Steward (Loralyn Kuechle). We also have a Meet & Confer team that meets regularly with Administration to discuss various topics about campus and any issues that would affect our union members. The Meet & Confer team consists of members from the Executive Board plus additional members who were voted on to be on this team.

Bonner Karger – Next I’ll clarify what is the different between a member and a non-member. A non-member is someone who does not elect to be involved and pay dues. Members pay dues and are able to be involved in many ways with the union. To become a member, you submit an application to Teamsters and then you are a member. The application form is not electronic. Before it use to be a paper application. For non-members, you still have the typical benefits of the job. But for members you support access to and have a say in Professional Improvement Funds (PIF), Professional Development Funds (PDF), tuition waivers, retirement options, insurance, and contributing power to make things happen. By being a member you also have the opportunity to be on a variety of committees, local search committees, Meet & Confer, and state level committees. Members also are able to stay informed when we meet five times a year for Membership Meetings and have a vote in our local elections. Also, you help negotiate equitable contracts and the language we use to fall back on. It is important that we keep that language updated. There are also a list of Teamster benefits and Chelsey has a handout of all of those benefits that she gives to new hires.

How do I become a member? Apply at https://teamsterslocal320.org/ or let Chelsey know.

Cost = 2.5 hours per pay period, plus $2.89 assessment fee. Dues are post-tax deductions. You will see the due amount on every pay stub.

Paul Muller – Can you elaborate on how dues are figured?

Bonner Karger – On the state ASF website it has a document of the breakdown. It is a complicated formula.

Chelsey Crotty – I also give this chart handout to new hires.

Bonner Karger – The state ASF website is a good resource and so is our local MSUAASF website. While we have a small Executive Board here at BSU, we also have a state ASF Executive Board with Tracy Rahim (President) and Zak Johnson (Vice-President) along with other members throughout the other universities.

Zak Johnson – As part of the state ASF Executive Board you get to connect with the seven other state universities. All of the state officer positions will be up for election this year around February/March. Not only can you get involved at the local level but you can also get involved on the state level.

Bonner Karger – There are also state level committees you can be involved with. It is a good opportunity to see what other universities are doing and what they are facing.

3. Negotiations

Bonner Karger – I sent an email out this morning about the negotiations updates. In summary the economic package that was offered wasn’t good and unsatisfactory. They are waiting to see what happens at the System Retreat. This retreat includes the colleges & universities presidents, state union presidents, and the Board of Trustees. I know IFO is still negotiated. They are hoping we can get a better deal later.

Margie Giauque – For those of you that do not know, other bargaining units work with other systems and entities, so the processes are different than ours. AFSCME & MAPE are done.

Zak Johnson – Sometimes we are always last to see what money is left. That’s just how it has been.

Bonner Karger – I think the next negotiations meeting is around mid-October.

4. Treasurer’s Report

Jodi Knott – Our current balance is $1,122.61. However, it does not include today’s snack. If you have PIF or PDF questions, they are two separate funds, let me know. And check your email. The MSUAASF website has some information about the differences between the two and how to access those funds.

5. Check your “My Jobs” tab in Employee Home

Bonner Karger – If you haven’t done this recently, make sure that you check on what HR thinks you do reflects what you actually do. For example, I checked to see if I was off probationary status, which I finally was, but online it said I wasn’t.

Zak Johnson – The State of Minnesota has passed a Wage Theft Policy which requires employers to inform employees of what that employee will make at the point of salary change. We should see this soon from either HR or Payroll. So if there are any salary changes, your employer is required to give you this information. Make sure to look at this carefully when it happens. This is to make sure that the employer isn’t stealing any of your wages. We use to get appointment updates, but we do not get those anymore.

6. Committee Reports

Bob Strand – I have an update for hiring an Admissions Rep, the one working with underrepresented students. The search is in its final stage. We hope to have an offer given here shortly.

Angie Clark – I am on the NorthStar Visiting Scholar search and the committee is wrapping everything up.

Zak Johnson – For the Executive Director of Enrollment Management we are still in the Zoom interview stage. Then we will be moving shortly to on-campus interviews.

Angie Clark – I am also on the Living Well Working Well committee and we understand that communication has been slow this year. We have received the approval to offer a Wellness Certificate to faculty & staff. Employees can receive this certificate by going to certain wellness activities on campus. Up to 8 working day hours for the academic year can be used to attend these events.

Lesa Lawrence – Do employees need to flex those hours they are out of the office to partake in these wellness activities?

Angie Clark – I think after the last Meet & Confer they changed that.

Lesa Lawrence – We haven’t received communication about that change. How are they going to communicate those expectations to everyone?

Angie Clark – I am unsure. But you can still work on getting those hours now so we are going to try to get some communication out sometime soon.

7. Position Classification Update

Bonner Karger – Position classification update (Director of Institutional Research & Effectiveness and Associate Director – Office of Communications & Marketing) – State ASF Board Reps and Teamsters met with Bureau of Medication Services, no action taken yet to finalize unit determination, so positions should stay ASF for the time being. The Director of Institutional Research & Effectiveness is posted as an ASF position. The State ASF Board has asked for better definitions between ASF and MAPE classifications, similar to what we have with ASF and IFO.

8. Other

Bonner Karger – The next Meet & Confer meeting is next Wednesday. Let me know by this Friday if you would like anything to be added to the agenda.

Angie Clark – Employee Yoga is on Thursdays from 12:15pm-12:50pm in the Gillett Wellness Center. You do not need a Wellness Center membership and we have mats for you to use. It’s every Thursday until the end of November. We would love to see more people. We can fit a lot of people in these sessions.

Chelsey Crotty – If you know of anyone that couldn’t make it to this meeting (non-members interested in becoming members), I have information for them.

Meeting adjourned at 4:21pm