Strategic Planning Update – Agenda for April 6 Town Hall

The agenda for two campus-wide, Strategic Plan Town Hall meetings scheduled for Thursday, April 6, has been announced. Please plan to attend either the meeting at 8-9:30 a.m. OR 2-3:30 p.m., both in the Beaux Arts Ballroom, upper union.

Town Hall meeting attendees will be invited to discuss five critical questions with colleagues in a small group whose thoughts will be shared with the larger group. 


  1. President’s Welcome
  1. Facilitator Introduction
  1. Strategic Planning Committee Introductions
  1. Presentation: Strategic Positioning and Planning (Facilitator)
  1. The context for planning (President)
    • Bemidji State today and previous planning efforts
    • The Minnesota System: current expectations and realities
  1. Campus involvement
    • Engagement with the process
    • Sharing ideas
    • Communicating with the Strategic Planning Committee
    • Website
    • Department meetings
  1. Advice to the Strategic Planning Committee
    1. Table discussions
    2. Critical Questions
  1. Reporting Out

Strategic Planning Update – Five Critical Questions

Attendees at the April 6 Town Hall meetings will be asked to provide feedback on these five critical questions:

  1. What are our areas of greatest strength and promise?
  2. What currently makes this university truly distinctive in relation to peers and competitors?
  3. What are the major forces, trends or issues — in higher education, in our state, our system, and our region — that will affect the future of this university?
  4. What are our greatest opportunities to enhance quality — to carve out a place for ourselves that will lead to distinction and serve our constituents?
  5. What is holding us back?

Strategic Planning Update – March 22 Planning Meeting Agenda

Strategic Planning with Dr. Howard Cohen, AASCU-Penson
9:00 a.m. Meeting with the Executive Leadership Team
Location: HMU Crying Wolf Room
10:00 a.m. Meeting with Dean’s Council
Location: HMU Crying Wolf Room
11:00 a.m. Lunch with Steering Committee
Location: HMU Crying Wolf Room
12:30 p.m. Meeting with Strategic Planning Committee
Location: HMU Crying Wolf Room
2:00 p.m. Meeting with BSUFA Executive Committee
Location: HMU Crying Wolf Room
3:00 p.m. Meeting with bargaining unit presidents/representatives
Location: HMU Crying Wolf Room
5:00 p.m. Meeting with Student Senate
Location: HMU Crying Wolf Room


Strategic Planning Update — March 22 and April 6 Meetings

Dear BSU colleagues,

To assist us as we begin work on a new strategic plan for Bemidji State University, we completed a series of seven community listening sessions over the past seven weeks. Participants in these sessions made it clear they are engaged and committed to the work of our institution.

We now are moving into a very active phase of strategic planning. To introduce the process, we will be holding a series of campus meetings with key leadership groups this Wednesday, March 22. Invitations have been sent to the following groups:

  • Executive Leadership Team
  • Dean’s Council
  • BSUFA Executive Committee
  • Bargaining Unit presidents/representatives
  • Student Senate

We also have scheduled a Town Hall meeting for the morning of April 6. Please save the date for this meeting where we will invite all members of our campus community to engage in the planning process. More details will be coming soon on this event. 

I look forward to your input as we establish the priorities and strategies that will allow Bemidji State to continue serving our students and our region.





Dr. Faith C. Hensrud
Bemidji State University and Northwest Technical College