2017 Spirit of BSU Award (team) – Student Achievement Conference Committee

Members of the Student Achievement Conference planning committee came together this winter to raise the bar on one of the university’s most important academic events. Guiding students to synthesize their study, research and creative abilities and then share those to an audience is never easy. Likewise, the logistics of pulling together a major academic conference and present a polished program are far from simple.

This group of faculty, staff and students significantly raised the bar in all areas with the 2017 Student Achievement Conference, held April 5.

Said a nominator, “This event perhaps is the premier academic and creative showcase for this community of scholars and represents the best of what we achieve every day.”

Team recipients of the Spirit of BSU Award are:

Dr. Mahmoud Al-Odeh, who provided leadership as a first-time director of the Student Achievement Conference,

and the following committee members:

  • Ms. Sabrina Erickson
  • Dr. Vivian Delgado
  • Dr. Jessica Durgan
  • Dr. Angelia Fournier
  • Dr. Christel Kippenhan
  • Dr. Dwight Fultz
  • Dr. Julie Larson
  • Dr. Gary Rees
  • Dr. Elizabeth Rave
  • Dr. Travis Ricks
  • graduate student Rebecca Florke
  • graduate student Kesiena Uz-Ikelegbe