President’s Leadership Council

The President’s Leadership Council will focus on deep-dive conversations about various topics throughout the year. It includes members of the administrative and managerial teams, IFO faculty president, and student president.

Meetings are open to all members of the campus community. Discussion and participation by all who attend is encouraged.

For a list of upcoming meetings, please click here.

President’s Leadership Council Members

Dr. Faith Hensrud
Dr. Allen Bedford
Provost & Vice President for Academic Affairs
karen_snorek Karen Snorek
Vice President for Finance & Administration
Darrin Strosahl
Vice President – Northwest Technical College 
Dr. Randy Westhoff
Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs
Dr. Sherry Lawdermilt                  Chief Information Officer
Travis Greene
Associate Vice President of Student Life & Success

Steven Parker                          Campus Diversity Officer
tracy_dill Tracy Dill
Director of Athleti
Andy Bartlett
Executive Director of Communications and Marketing
Josh Christianson
Executive Director of BSU Foundation & Alumni Relations
megan_zothman Megan Zothman
Chief Human Resources Officer
Dr. MaryTheresa Seig
Dean – College of Arts, Education & Humanities
Dr. Marilyn Yoder
Dean – College of Business, Mathematics & Science (Interim)
Dr. Jim White
Interim Dean – College of Individual & Community Health
lynn_johnson Lynn Johnson
Director of Extended Learning
Chrissy Koch
Executive Director of the American Indian Resource Center
Jeremy Leffelman 
Executive Director – Minnesota State Advanced Manufacturing Center of Excellence 
Ron Beckstrom
Director of Business Services
Travis Barnes
Physical Plant Manager
Dr. Dennis Lunt
ty President