Strategic Direction

For nearly 100 years, Bemidji State University has been an innovative and accessible place for students to learn and grow. There are four guiding documents that keep Bemidji State moving forward:


BSU’s 2018-2023 Strategic Plan was developed throughout 2017 and implemented January 1, 2018. It builds on a 2014–17 plan that called for a commitment to student success and a sustainable future of our communities, state and planet. The plan calls for BSU to build its capacity through distinguishing themes of place; to increase engagement with American Indian communities to become a destination university; to increase student engagement in campus life; to strengthen its academic identity by infusing its Shared Fundamental Values into its academic programs; and to create a university culture in which diversity is embraced and all people are welcome.

The Master Academic Plan, which addresses the need to provide high quality educational programs and services that support students’ professional and personal development, and serves as a guide to drive the university towards unique opportunities and a response to the daunting challenges we face. Bemidji State strives to be the Midwest’s premier student-centered university, integrating liberal arts with career development to prepare students for life-long learning in a global society.

The Facilities Plan, which outlines the university’s commitment to updating and creating facilities that allow for creative and flexible learning; keep our students, faculty and staff safe, warm and dry; and are a tangible example of our responsibility to environmental stewardship.

Charting the Future, which is part of a greater movement within the entire Minnesota State Colleges and Universities system. This initiative calls for the 31 colleges and universities to significantly increase collaboration to improve access, increase affordability and better serve all students and people of Minnesota. Bemidji State has formed a committee of students, faculty, staff and administrators to further develop the goals from this system wide plan.

Through the goals and objectives of these four plans and the hard work of our dedicated faculty, staff, students and administration, Bemidji State University is creating a generation of leaders. Leaders in every industry. Leaders that have the ability to touch every corner of the world. Leaders that will make a difference.