Policies Under Review

The following policies, organized by policy holder, are currently undergoing preliminary review. The Policy Committee has requested feedback on these policies in advance of review by the policy holder. All posted policies are the current version. After the preliminary review period, feedback will be shared with the policy owner for consideration during the revision period.  Please use the form at the bottom of this page to submit any feedback you would like shared with the policy owner.

The policy review process is outlined here: University Policy Development Policy

Preliminary review period – October 3rd through October 18th
Preliminary feedback shared with policy owner – October 21st
Revision period – October 21st through January 15th
Revised/updated policy due to the Policy Committee Co-Chairs- January 15th
Policy Committee review – February
Final Campus Review – March
President’s Review – April

Academic Affairs
Academic Affairs/Records
Academic Affairs/Housing/HR
Finance & Administration – Undergoing Expedited Review
Student Life & Success

Policies being Proposed for Development – seeking preliminary feedback for consideration in policy development

*Policies are currently in exploratory phase