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2012-2013 President's Student Commission

Who They Are:
The President's Student Commission for the 2012-2013 Academic Year include:

Morgan Bartlett, Laura Christensen, Kari Cooper, Kirsten Goldstein, Kayla Jensen, Chelsea Lipski, Phoebe Mathius, Jake Mechtel, Matthew Meyers, Krysta Miller, Dan Rekuski, Andrew Roiger, Gopal Sapkota, Vincent Staples-Graves, Chloe Streeper, Bryan Syrstad and Bethany Thompson.

Their Project:
An in-depth presentation of the different ways that students learn today and where trends are taking higher education. Researchers focused on internal and external research by surveying and interviewing active members of the BSU community leading to the discovery of new modalities of instruction.

A Study of Modalities of Instruction at Bemidji State University - Presentation