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Gas Supplies

Gas Ordering Information & Procedures:

Gas Order Form.xls

Bemidji State University Central Stores carries a small inventory of gas tanks available for
immediate delivery. The link above takes you to the gas tank order form. Gas tanks that
are not available from this inventory can be obtained by emailing the request to with Central Stores no later than noon each
Wednesday. The gas supplier delivers to Central Receiving/Central Stores every
Thursday. They will not deliver to any other location on campus. It is critical that all
requests for gas tanks be handled through Central Stores for tracking and billing
purposes between the university and the gas supplier. All tanks are tracked by their serial
numbers.  Please be aware that all tanks must be secured by a chain to prevent them from falling.
Contact Rita Vincent at 755-2885 if you have any questions.



To Order Gas Tanks:

Complete the Gas Order Form. Be sure to include your account number for chargeback purposes. You may fax the order form to Central Stores at 755-2065 or email it to  The requested tank(s) will be delivered and the empty tank(s) picked up as soon as possible. Tanks that do not have the screw cap will not be transported back to the warehouse, with the exception of ACB and 40CF tanks which do not use the screw caps. If a department loses a screw cap, a replacement charge of $5.00 will be assessed for each cap lost.

For emergency gas needs, call 755-2885. When a gas tank is available, Campus Delivery will deliver it as soon as possible and take the empty tank back to the Warehouse.