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2022-2023 CPD Staff

The Center for Professional Development is proud to introduce dedicated members from many disciplines across campus!

Dr. Keith Gora – Director
Department: Psychology
Office: Bensen Hall 402
Phone: (218) 755-2882

Photo of Dr Keith Gora


Dr. Debbie Guelda – Co-Director (non-active Fall 2022/Sabbatical Spring 2023)
Department: Biology
Office: Sattgast Hall 218-I
Phone: (218) 755-2786

Picture of Debbie Guelda


Dr. Rucha Ambikar – Co-Director
Department: Sociology
Office: Sattgast Hall 215D
Phone: (218) 755-2540

Photo of Dr. Rucha Ambikar


Dr. Donna Pawlowski – Co-Director
Department: Communication Studies
Office: Sattgast Hall 215E
Phone: (218) 755-2487

Photo of Dr. Donna Pawlowski


Dr. Season Ellison (Sabbatical AY 2022-2023)
Department: Humanities
Office: A.C. Clark Library 229
Phone: (218) 755-3355

Photo of Dr. Season Ellison


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