Criterion 1

Criterion 1. Demonstrated ability to teach effectively and/or perform effectively in other current assignments.

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Resources are provided below to aid in your evidence and practice of Criterion 1.
  • Syllabus Requirements & Creation: A syllabus serves as your classroom guide and outlines to your students what will be expected of them throughout your class.  Generally it will include course and university policies, required texts, and a schedule of assignments and due dates.
  • Student Course Evaluations:  *Description  Here  needed.  Mention  Qualtrics?  Link  to  Evaluations  Page  Or  List  Here?
  • Course Observations: Confidential classroom observation consultations are available
  • Learning Outcomes: *Description Needed
    • Bloom’s Taxonomy: The University of Arkansas has compiled an excellent guide for using Bloom’s to write effective learning outcomes
  • Pedagogy Workshops: The CPD sponsors pedagogy workshops through the Academic Year. Presentations will be provided below following the event. These may be provided in the form of a Zoom recording, PowerPoint, video, etc. All upcoming workshops will be on our CPD calendar and in weekly TLC newsletters.
  • Classroom Strategies for Success: These resources and recommendations can help you improve your students’s success in the classroom.
    • Teaching Strategies: Minnesota State Mankato has created a Teaching Strategies series to provide a deeper look at a variety of teaching strategies and their implications for classroom use. Each strategy is also supported by a lesson plan template to guide you through classroom implementation.
    • 10 Strategies Series: The Minnesota State Mankato 10 Strategies for Engaging Learners series provides resources and best practices for a variety of teaching techniques and strategies.
    • First Day/Week Activities: Check out these resources to get you started on your first day!
    • Facilitating Group Discussions
  • Undergraduate Teaching Associate Program (UTAP): The Undergraduate Teaching Associate Program (UTAP) allows gifted undergraduate juniors and seniors to experience some of the challenges and rewards of college teaching by working closely with faculty as they prepare and teach their classes. Faculty nominate students to work with them on a semester-by-semester basis.


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