New Faculty Scholarship and Innovation Fund Awardees


Recipient  Description Department Award
Christine Nyugen-Moen Building Bridges: From Theory to Practice: Challenges and Benefits of Developing, Implementing and Evaluating an International Cultural Immersion Program in China: From Beginning to End. NURS $5,000
Mark Wallert Evaluation of NHE1 inhibitors as potential adjuvant therapies for the treatment of ovarian cancer BIOL $5,000
Gabriel Warren & Angie Kovarik BSU Student Chapter of American Marketing Association BUAD $5,000
 Total Awarded $15,000



Recipient Description Department Award
Andrew Arsham Metabolic regulation of gene expression BIOL $5,000
Katie Peterson Metal complex for catch-and-release phosphates CHEM $5,000
Mark Wallert Developing CRISPR-Cas9 Gene editing technology BIOL $5,000
Gary Rees Exploring transcultural impact of a Chilean author’s exile in Barcelona ENG $5,000
Miriam Webber Exploring open texts in a flipped music theory classroom MUS $5,000
 Total Awarded $25,000


Recipient Description Department Award
Misty Condiff Quality of Health/Life After Organ Donation and Transplantation: The American Indian Experience NURS $4,577.33
William Sea Field equipment for studies in environmental factors involved in tree mortality in Northern U.S. forests EESS $5,000
Mark Wallert Palmitoylation of the Sodium-Hydrogen Exchanger and Cancer Cell Migration BIOL $5,000
 Total Awarded $14,577.33



Recipient Description Department Award
Brian Hiller Roost site of purple martins BIOL $6,000
Tarmizi Halbana Massive open online courses BUAD $5,000
Jessica Durgan African Colonial Agency ENG $5,000
Malmoud Al-Odeh Radio Frequency Identification TAD $5,000
Samantha Jones Dendrochronological analysis GEOG $5,000
Total Awarded $26,000


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