President’s Mini-Grant Awardees


Recipient Description Department Award
Rucha Ambikar & Travis Ricks BSU Retention and Attrition Study SOC & PSY $2,000
Julie Caspers, Tiffany Hommes & Tara Pierce To Simulate or Not NURS $2,000
Todd Frauenholtz STEM Scholars  Community Building Event MATH/CS $450
Michael Hamann HUVEC-TERT cells as a potential model for TCL-promoted angiogenesis BIOL $2,000
Dwight Jilek The Bemidji Choir winter concert with featured community musicians MUS $925
Dwight Jilek Composer Eriks Esenvalds Residency and Choral Festival MUS $2,000
Angie Kovarik & Gabriel Warren AMA Collegiate BUAD $2,000
Mark Wallert Evaluation of Lysophosphatidic Acid and Urokinase-type Plasminogen Activator Stimulation of the Na+-H+ Exchanger Isoform I in Ovarian Cancer BIOL $2,000
Total Awarded: $13,375



Recipient Description Department Award
Yongsok Kim Relationship between criminal attitudes & behaviors CJ $2,000
Todd Frauenholtz STEM Scholars community building MATH/CS $420
Mark Wallert Homologous isoform & non-small cell lung cancer progresssion BIOL $2,000
Debbie Guelda Pedagogy workshop series BIOL $2,700
Todd Frauenholtz MCTM travel MATH/CS $1,888
Elizabeth Rave Layssan Albatross populations BIOL $2,000
Miriam Webber New musical work for bassoon, bass clarinet, and voices MUS $2,000
Andrew Hafs Assessment of walleye fry output in Upper Red Lake BIOL $1,992
Total Awarded: $15,000


Recipient Description Department Award
Todd Frauenholtz STEM – Scholar community building MATH/CS $360.00
John Gonzalez American Indian college student development PSY $1,600
Julie Larson Share the Future/Exploradome CHEM $1,600
Eric Olson Opera Production Pit Orchestra MUS $1,600
Katie Peterson Fluorescent Detection of Hydrogen Sulfide CHEM $1,600
Cory Renbarger Bemidji Opera Theatre at BSU’s Die Zauberflote MUS $1,600
Valerie Wallingford BSU Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) Club BUAD $1,600
Total Awarded: $9,960


Recipient Description Department Award
Elizabeth Rave BIOL $2,000
Todd Fraeunholz & Porter Coggins MATH/CS, EDU $4000
Total Awarded: $6,000


Recipient Description Department Award
Porter Coggins Ojibwe mathematics EDU/MATH/CS $3,000
Andrew Hafs Growth of yellow perch in relation to spring warming rates BIOL $2,000
Jeanine McDermott Feed Them and They Will Keep Coming NURS $2,000
Jeanine McDermott A study in sustaining lifelong wellness through participatory education NURS $3,000
Elizabeth Rave Effects of Habitat Disturbance on Small Mammal Communities on Grand Forks Air Force Base BIOL $1,412
Susan Rickers Student veteran experiences of education in the field of social work SOWK $2,000
Total Awarded: $13,421