Helpful Resources

Here are some other past presentations that explore equity related issues that you may find useful –

Session 1A:
Amanda Gartner
Emotional Wellness for College Students

Dr. Rebecca Hoffman Online Student Readiness and Learner Preparedness: Best Practices for Assessing & Supporting Online Student Success

Session 3A:
Dr. Season Ellison 
Place-as-Text: an honors pedagogy for all in the CV-19 world

Dr. Thomas Dirth Leveraging Universal Design for Learning (UDL) to Maximize Student Resilience in the Age of Covid-19

Drs. Kathryn Klement & Afsoon Moatari Kazerouni
Teaching Large Classes Remotely: Strategies for Developing Skills, Increasing Accessibility, and Encouraging Connection During COVID-19

Dr. Paul Kivi The Challenges of Distance Learning, as Told to Me by Students

Kathryn Klement, “Talking About Difficult topics”:  Video, Power Point

Dan Alloso, “Course Packs and OER Textbooks”:  Video

Debbie Guelda, “Techniques to Build Rapport in Your Classroom”:  Video, Power Point

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