Inclusive Classroom Series

The Inclusive Classroom is a pedagogy series organized by the Faculty Fellow as a peer-learning series. Faculty experts around campus are invited to present and share their thoughts on ways to create the classroom as a more inclusive space and to have meaningful discussion with other faculty about how these pedagogy techniques can be incorporated into their own classrooms.

Here are some past presentations in the Inclusive Classroom Series

  1. Pragmatic Approach to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the Classroom : Rucha Ambikar
  2. First Generation Learners: Lukas Szrot and John Perlich
  3. Universal Design: Thomas Dirth and Christian Breczinski
  4. Intellectual Diversity in the Classroom: Daniel Guentchev

Coming up in Fall 2022 –  Dates TBA

  1. Why do we have to think about DEI in the classroom – Rucha Ambikar
  2. Plagiarism and assessment – implications for equity – Lukas Szrot
  3. Sweet grass method – Mark Baez
  4. Preventing Sexual harassment – Judith Zatkin
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