Who, what, where? Get answers to the most common questions asked by new and experienced faculty alike.

  1. PDP, T&P, IFO…What do all these acronyms mean?
    • PDP – Professional Development Report
    • T&P – Tenure & Promotion
    • IFO – Bargaining unit: Inter-Faculty Organization (statewide faculty union)
    • For a complete list of acronyms click here
  2. Where can I find the IFO contract?
  3. When are the CPD workshops on Professional Development Plans and Tenure & Promotion?
  4. What activities or materials are suitable evidence for my professional development plan?
    • The CPD website is designed through the lens of your PDP. Please explore Criterion 1-5 pages for additional resources.
  5. What is myBSU?
    • myBSU is a portal for many services and accounts that faculty will use on campus. These include advisee and class lists, webpage editing, Starfish, etc. For a complete list of services found on myBSU and how to log in, please click here.
  6. I’m new to campus; what do I need to know right away?
  7. Where is my classroom?
  8. How many office hours do I need?
    • According to the IFO contract, faculty members must be available for students 10 hours per week for assisting students, at times and approved locations, either on or off-campus, posted at the faculty member’s office for faculty members with assigned offices. As used in this paragraph, the term “approved locations” may include electronic or other alternate modes of contact.
  9. How do I get help with D2L?
    • BSU eLearning Support is the place for faculty and staff to go for instructional design and D2L Brightspace support for their classes. Brightspace troubleshooting support is available on campus, via email, and by phone.
  10. I suspect a student is plagiarizing, what do I do?
    • BSU faculty can use Turnitin.com. Turnitin provides instructors with the tools to engage students in the writing process, provide personalized feedback, and assess student progress over time.  
    • Refer students to the Writing Resource Center
  11. How can the library support my teaching?
  12. I have a concern about a student in my class (mental health, excessive absences, inappropriate behavior, etc.). Who do I contact?
  13. I’m having problems with my computer or classroom technology. Who can help me?
    • Classroom Technology Services provides technical support for smart classrooms at Bemidji State University. Most general-use classrooms on campus are equipped with a projector, screen, document camera, DVD/VCR combo player, and sound system. Many classrooms also have computers installed. 
    • We also provide a range of video services and have student technicians to assist with events and meeting presentation technology needs. 
    • If you would like individual training on the use of any classroom technology, please contact us at 218-755-2759 or email cts@bemidjistate.edu to schedule an appointment.