Program Features

  • Qualified juniors and seniors who have been identified through faculty nominations serve as teaching associates in selected undergraduate courses under the tutelage of interested instructors.
  • Participating instructors and students meet several times during the semester at UTAP workshops as part of an informal seminar on college teaching to be conducted by the Center for Professional Development.
  • While no stipend is provided to participating students, the university will provide appropriate recognition to those involved. Some resources may be available to fund travel to relevant conferences or other professional development opportunities. Student participation in UTAP will be documented on their transcript as 4917 Teaching Associate.
  • The intention is not for students to be involved in grading papers or in clerical work, but rather to assist in planning and at times in helping to teach classes under faculty supervision.
  • Teaching associates may not be concurrently enrolled in the course they are helping to teach.
  • The student enrolls for 0-2 credits in the appropriate department as 4917 Teaching Associate for undergraduates or 5917 Teaching Associate for graduate students. This course may be repeated and will be graded S or U.
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