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Residency / Reciprocity


Tuition rates are based upon your residency status.  According to the Minnesota State University Board regulations and statutes, a Resident Student is defined as:

  1. Someone who has lived in Minnesota substantially and continuously for twelve months immediately prior to the first class day at Bemidji State University for which resident tuition status is being sought and provided that person had not enrolled as a full-time student at any Minnesota post-secondary institution during this time.
  2. Someone who has been appointed to a full-time graduate assistantship before the tenth day of classes in a term and only during the time the student holds the appointment.
  3. Students who are in the top 15 percent of their high school class or who score above the 85th percentile on a nationally-normed, standardized achievement test and who reside in states that do not have reciprocity agreements with Minnesota.
  4. Students who are approved for reciprocity with North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin, Manitoba or the Midwest Student Exchange Program will be charged the reciprocal tuition rate.
  5. International students with qualifying GPA may be granted temporary resident tuition.


Residents of North Dakota, South Dakota, or Wisconsin may qualify for reduced or resident tuition rates at BSU by complying with procedures of the reciprocal agreement between those states and the State of Minnesota.  For more information, visit the Business Services website.

Please Note: The following factors, singularly or in combination, do not constitute evidence of eligibility for resident tuition status: employment by the institution as a fellow, scholar, or assistant; employment in any position normally filled by students; a statement of intention to acquire a domicile in this State; voting or registration for voting; the lease of living quarters; payment of local and State taxes; the registration of an automobile; the possession of a Minnesota driver's license; or the continued presence in Minnesota during vacation periods.  An individual who is a dependent student for financial aid purposes shall be classified by the residence of his or her parent or legal guardian.