Incentive Program

This program is still under research and development, and has not been approved by the University. The purpose of this article is only to inform students at Bemidji State University about the ongoing projects of the BSUSA Student Senate. Therefore, details included in this article are subject to change.

Are you a student leader at BSU? Have you noticed lack of student participation at events hosted by clubs and organizations?

For the first time, Student Senate is exploring a real solution to this problem. The idea is to introduce an incentive program called the Beaver Points (name is subject to change). Under this program, students will receive points for attending events throughout the campus (specific allocation of points are to be determined) via their Tech IDs or Student ID cards.

There will be an annual or end-of-the-semester auction where students can use their “Beaver points” to bid on attractive prizes ranging from TVs, game consoles and parking passes to gift cards, fishing gear and many more.

The expectation is students will attend as many events as possible to gain as many points as they can, in order to have advantage during the auction so they can bid higher amounts for the most valuable prizes. Essentially, students are going to gain indirect monetary benefits for getting involved since the points are the only currency eligible for the auction.

Eventually, more students are expected to attend events hosted by student organizations thereby improving the growth, participation and involvement rates for student club and organizations all over the campus.

Student Senate is also trying to include sporting events, honors lectures/educational workshops, events hosted by the Department of Housing and Residential life, events hosted by the Sustainability office and on-campus student services, under this program. Another portion of this program deals with tracking student attendance at events which is also part of the BSU Strategic Plan. Student Senate believes that the data collected could be useful in determining what type of events are most attractive to students.

Moreover, this program may incentivize students to attend weekend events on campus and therefore will help assess the efficiency of hosting more events during the weekends. As a result, Beaver Points is expected to improve the current retention and enrollment rates as well as boost the school spirit among students.

BSU Information Technology Services is working with Student Senate and Hobson Memorial Union to explore the technology and the feasibility of implementing this student-led initiative. On the other hand, Student Senate Campus Affairs Chair Corey Stockman, Senator Sarah Stout and Senator Connor Newby have been working with President Eshfaq (Ash) Ullah on researching similar programs across the nation and developing the structure of this innovative incentive program.