Join Student Senate

BSUSA Student Senate is recruiting for the Spring 2018 semester. Apply online or fill out an application at the Student Senate office.

Each year, student senators get the opportunity to represent the voice of the students and lead real change on campus. They also get to represent student interests on a state and federal level, attend conferences and advocate for students of BSU. This is also a great opportunity for them to get involved, introduce new initiatives on campus and gain real life experience of working for a noteworthy organization.

Therefore, student senators are able to use this as a great resume builder. Moreover, student senators appointed to a Cabinet position receive up to $400 stipend per semester.

With the addition of new seats to the Senate this year, students have more opportunity to represent the student body. Currently, there are 4 vacant freshman senator seats, 2 vacant at-large senator seats and few other vacancies.

For more information, please call Student Senate office 218-755-2099 or email