August 21, 2016 | Memorial Hall 300

Bemidji State University Student Association
Student Senate
August 31st, 2016
1. Call to Order
a. President Schoonmaker called for direction of everyone to introduce themselves.
President Schoonmaker called the meeting to order at 5:09PM.
2. Roll Call
a. Present: President Schoonmaker, Vice President Lively, Office Manager VanBruggen, Chair Scheller, Chair Franzen, Chair Pelland, Chair Shermoen, Chair Hennek, Chair Hlavsa, Senator McClellan, Senator Prosise, Senator Stockman, Senator DeAdder, Senator Tharin, Senator Loechler
b. Absent: Senator Byrd
c. Gallery: Taylor Manzella, Kody Schommer, Sean Murphy, Derek Dorau, Alyssa Goehring, Samantha Henkel
3. Pledge of Allegiance
4. Approval of Agenda
a. Senator McClellan motioned to approve the agenda, Chair Shermoen seconded. Motion approved.
5. Approval of Minutes
6. Student Public Hearing
7. University Public Hearing
8. For the Good of the Students
a. Old Business
b. New Business
i. Cabinet Minutes
1. President Schoonmaker explained to the senate that during the cabinet meetings, minutes will be recorded and shared with the senate via email. President Schoonmaker verbally recapped the minutes that were sent to the senate for this week.
2. Senator McClellan asked if we would be addressing the questions that were included in the minutes. President Schoonmaker responded saying that we discussed them with the president’s cabinet and that we would discuss them further in the meeting. President Schoonmaker then further explained that the plus/minus grading system is not going to be enforced this year due to it being a trial year but that next year it will be written in policy. Dr. Mary Ward explained that the plus/minus grading system is in the catalog this year and is available to faculty but they are not required to use it. The formal policy is in the process of being written.
ii. SAFAC Chair Appointment
1. SAFAC stands for Student Activity Fee Allocation Committee. Traditionally, the student senate president and vice president are to appoint the SAFAC chair and then the student senate would ratify that appointment. SAFAC has already been meeting this year and we are hoping to formally appoint their chair soon. Cabinet is
concerned about transparency and would like to request that SAFAC ceases all of their meetings until a formal process takes place. Advisor Kuechle reminded senate that SAFAC does need to approve traveling requests. President Schoonmaker responded that we would like Vice President Snorek to approve those requests in the meantime. Senator McClellan said that she would like to see Erika Duley come to our meeting next week so that we can approve her as chair and they continue with their business. Chair Scheller seconded that.
2. Chair Franzen motioned to invite any SAFAC chair applicants to our meeting next week, senator McClellan seconded.
3. Dr. Mary Ward gave a point of information that we as a senate could allow our president and vice president to appoint Erika Duley without her needing to come to our meeting. President Schoonmaker replied that policy states that senate still needs to ratify their decision.
4. Vice President motioned to amend the motion that SAFAC needs to advertise that the chair position is open and that anyone can run, so we can get more applicants. Chair Franzen seconded. Vice President Schoonmaker conducted a voice vote. This motion does not pass.
5. Senator Prosise made a point that if Erika Duley is only going to be here for a semester that this should not be a big deal and that they could advertise the position for next semester.
6. Chair Hennek made a point that senate does not advertise their vice president or president position so why should we enforce it on other organizations? Office Manager VanBruggen reminded Chair Hennek that there are requirements for senate experience before holding the position of president so the position is not available to anyone outside of senate.
iii. J Drive Plan- Google Drive Switch
1. President Schoonmaker explained the plans to switch from J Drive to Google Drive. Senator McClellan expressed concerns with security by switching. President Schoonmaker explained that we did talk to administration and they said that it is okay. Senator McClellan asked that someone come to our meeting and give us the go ahead. President Schoonmaker said that she could arrange something. Chair Franzen made a point that our business is for other people to see in the first place so privacy should not be an issue. He does agree that we do need a clear yes or no though. Gallery member Sean Murphy stated that Google owns whatever information is put on the drive so to be cautious of what you put on there. President Schoonmaker said she would invite someone to
our next meeting to clarify whether we can go ahead with this change.
iv. Clericals/ clarification on Bills
1. Senator McClellan asked if the bill process was written in our bylaws or constitution and if it was shouldn’t we be following it? President Schoonmaker replied saying it was not. Senator McClellan said we should include that next time we revise our bylaws. Chair Scheller gave a point of info that we would be posting the bill on the bulletin board in the senate office for everyone to see and edit so that we can get everyone’s opinion.
v. Fall Elections
1. President Schoonmaker informed everyone that we have 12 open positions. We will be holding an election on the 21st of September. Chair Scheller asked the senate what they thought of voting the gallery members who are interested in joining before the elections. Chair Pelland said that she thinks it would be good to wait until the election so that the gallery can prove that they can give their full commitment. Chair Franzen yielded to the gallery. The gallery showed concern in following the rules and making sure they were not taking another applicants spot. Dr. Mary Ward gave a point of information that if we do a general election, the whole student body gets to vote but if we do it within the senate, then it is only a small body of students voting. President Schoonmaker replied that
if we are going to follow our bylaws we need to have a general election. Senate discussed what they wanted for a voting process. Senator Pelland gave the idea that members who make it to three meetings by the 14th can be voted on by the senate and that we then hold a general election for the rest of the open spots. Officer Hlavsa seconded that. Chair Scheller made a motion to vote on Chair Pelland’s idea, Chair Hennek seconded. Motion passed.
vi. Bylaw Reviewing Process
1. President Schoonmaker explained that a subcommittee will be formed through the campus affairs committee to complete this process.
9. Reports
a. Dean of Student Success – Dr. Mary Ward
a. Dr. Mary Ward reported that enrollment has risen this year. There is 1,420 students living on campus this year. Orientation was great this past weekend. Vice President Lively asked if there was an increase/ decrease in online students enrolled. Dr. Mary Ward said there was not really a change. There are 3,347 students taking online classes and that there is about 4700 student all together enrolled currently.
b. Advisor- Loralyn Kuechle
a. Advisor Kuechle reported that tomorrow is Community Appreciation Day and the first football game. Organization assembly is September 8th, BOB is September 15th. HMU is moving forward with doing the movie nights on the
weekends this year. This year they are hoping to have organizations sponsor each week. The organization who is the sponsoring that weekend will get to choose the movie that is shown.
c. City Councilman – Michael Meehlhause
10. Committee Reports
a. Student’s United – Officer Hlavsa
a. Officer Hlavsa explained Student’s United. Student’s United is an organization on campus that helps best represent our school within all the MSUSA schools. There are 4 major conferences, called delegates, which are held by Student’s United. There are 2 conferences in the fall and 2 in the spring. Senator Loechler asked for Officer Hlavsa to make those dates available to everyone.
b. Officer Hlavsa reported that his committee is officially formed. Student’s on this committee: Issue Specialists Avery Franzen and Connor Brown, Public Relation Specialist Carl Karpinski, Diversity Specialist Melvin Byrd, and Legislative Specialist Tia Heinz. There are no more openings on his committee, however, volunteers are welcome.
c. Officer Hlavsa reported that this year there will be a big focus on Get Out The Vote (GOTV). With it being election year, it is very important that we encourage students to vote and to make them knowledgeable of how/where they can vote.
a. Member spot open on SAFAC committee- volunteers
i. President Schoonmaker reported there is one spot open for people to apply to be a part of the SAFAC committee.
ii. Advisor Kuechle reported that SAFAC will not be meeting again until the week after Labor Day.
c. Campus Affairs – Chair Shermoen
a. Chair Shermoen gave an update on the 24 hour computer lab and that it should be starting up mid semester. She also reported that the new key cards should be in effect next semester.
b. Chair Shermoen’s committee will be meeting Tuesday’s at 12:30.
d. Academic Affairs – Chair Franzen
a. Chair Franzen is trying to meet with Tracy Dill to discuss tailgating and get the ball moving on senate potentially helping with or hosting a tailgate.
b. If anyone is interested in being on Chair Franzen’s committee, talk to him. He would like to create a Doodle to see when the best time would be to meet for his committee.
e. Inclusivity Affairs – Chair Hennek
a. Community Appreciation Day- Volunteers?
i. Chair Hennek is requesting help for Community Appreciation Day. Meet at 3:30PM in the Senate office if you are able to help. Chair Hennek bought the candy and supplies for tomorrow.
ii. Chair Hennek reported his committee will meet at 3PM on Tuesday’s or Thursday’s, whichever works best for people.
11. University Committee Report
a. Member spot open on Policy Committee- Volunteers?
i. President Schoonmaker explained that university committees are formed throughout the year. Currently the policy committee is looking for someone to serve on their committee. Vice president Lively and Chair Scheller reported they are interested.
12. Officer Report
a. Public Relations – Chair Pelland
a. Chair Pelland explained her duties. She stated that some of her main duties include: running the Chalkboard, updating the bulletin board in the office, and updating social media.
b. Legislative Affairs – Chair Scheller
a. Chair Scheller explained her duties. Her main duty is to enforce Robert’s rules at meetings. If you are ever confused with Robert’s rules or need help, ask Chair Scheller for clarification.
b. Chair Scheller’s weekly news report: 95% of people are unfavorable toward Clinton, 65% of people are unfavorable towards trump.
c. Office Manager – Office Manager VanBruggen
a. Office Hours
i. Office Manager VanBruggen reported that everyone is to officially start completing their office hours next week. Office manager then verbally explained the points system to the senate. If anyone has any questions, please ask Office Manager VanBruggen.
d. Executive – President Schoonmaker and Vice President Lively
a. President Schoonmaker reported that she and the cabinet feel that the blood drive is not something the Senate needs to host this year, especially with the budget being cut. Other health educations can host the blood drives instead. Senate agreed.
b. President Schoonmaker informed everyone that the Senate budget got cut in half. She reported that she and Vice President Lively appealed the budget to Karen Snorek and that the meeting went well. Senator Loechler asked why the budget got cut in half and if we were given reasons. President Schoonmaker reported that a big reason is because of stipends. SAFAC is not a big supporter of funding stipends.
c. President Schoonmaker explained that senate approves fundraisers. She asked the senate ideas of how we can approve them without having to do it at the meetings. Chair Hennek said that his committee, the inclusivity committee, can take them on. Vice President Lively asked if senate could approve them until the Inclusivity Committee is formed. Chair Pelland motioned that senate approves the fundraisers until the inclusivity committee is formed. Vice President Lively seconded. Motion approved.
i. Council of Indian Students would like to hold a fry bread fundraiser on 9/21/16. Senate approved.
ii. The Bemidji State Dance team would like to hold a kid’s clinic on the 10/14/16 at 5PM. They will charge each kid $25. Senate approved.
iii. The Bemidji State Dance Team would like to charge $25 for people to try out to be on the team. If they make the team then they would use the
money to buy their pom-poms. If they don’t make the team, they receive $10 of the $25 back. Discussion. Senate showed concern about excluding members. Chair Scheller motioned to vote. She explained that we have this fundraiser in writing and can see what they want. Chair Hennek seconded. Motion to vote passed. Senate voted on the fundraiser. Senate declined. Fundraiser not approved.
d. President Schoonmaker brought up that the inclusivity committee typically approves the new clubs. President Schoonmaker requested that since this committee is not formed yet, that senate vote on approving this new club. The bicycling committee would like to become a club. Chair Hennek approved this club. This club’s constitution will be sent via email.
e. President Schoonmaker reported there is a new chancellor being selected for Student’s United. There is a search committee being formed. Bemidji State University (BSU) can select one student to serve on this search. Chair Franzen volunteered to represent BSU.
f. Vice President Lively requested everyone to please print off their schedule and leave it in his mail box inside the senate office or to email him at
g. It’s On Us! – Vice President Lively
i. Vice President Lively explained a little bit about It’s On Us. It’s On Us is a group raising awareness of sexual assaults. Tia Hinz and Jordan Star will be presenting a proposal to senate on September 28th.
13. Points for the Good of the Order
a. Chair Hennek reported there will be a student senate bonding at his house at 7PM tomorrow, September 1st.
b. President Schoonmaker reported that she respects everyone’s time. She does not want these meetings to go super long. Chair Scheller will be doing a Robert’s rule training soon to make our meetings more efficient. There are hopes that these meetings will only be an hour and a half long.
14. Adjourn. Officer Hlavsa motioned to adjourn at 6:57PM, Chair Franzen seconded.