September 14, 2016 | Crying Wolf Room

Bemidji State University Student Association
Student Senate
September 14th, 2016
1. Call to Order
a. President Schoonmaker called the meeting to order at 5:02PM.
2. Roll Call
a. Present: President Schoonmaker, Vice President Lively, Chair Scheller, Chair Franzen, Chair Pelland, Chair Schermoen, Chair Hennek, Office Manager VanBruggen, Students United Officer Hlavsa, Dr. Mary Ward, Advisor Kuechle, Councilman Meehlhause, Senator McClellan, Senator Byrd, Senator Prosise, Senator Stockman, Senator DeAdder, Senator Loechler
b. Absent:
c. Gallery: Chris Brown, Kody Schommer, Alyssa Goehring, Taylor Manzella, Samantha Henkel
3. Pledge of Allegiance
4. Approval of Agenda
a. Vice President Lively motioned to approve the agenda, Chair Shermoen seconded. Motion approved.
5. Approval of Minutes
a. Chair Franzen motioned to approve the minutes, Chair Pelland seconded. Motion approved.
6. Student Public Hearing
7. University Public Hearing
a. Chris Brown stated that he came to stop by at our meeting in case we have any questions for him. Chair Scheller asked if the faculty is discussing anything that will affect the students right now. Chris stated that nothing big has arisen but if there is he will let us know and keep us involved.
8. For the Good of the Students
a. Old Business
b. New Business
i. Student’s United Chair – Joe Wolf
1. Student’s United Chair Joe Wolf and Vice Chair Dylan Green introduced themselves. Joe is from Mankato State University and Dylan is from here, Bemidji State University. Joe and Dylan gave a presentation about Student’s United. Student’s United is an organization ran by student’s. Every year they hold three conferences referred to as “Delegates”. During these conferences, all schools within Minnesota State have students go to represent them and discuss present issues that are occurring. The committees within Student’s United currently are internal affairs, fiscal committee advisory committee, diversity committee, and textbook committee. Student’s United is an organization funded by students. All students are members of Students United. Through Student’s United there are many advocacy issues they push for, campaigns they organize, and scholarships available.
ii. Internal elections
1. Kody Schommer, Alyssa Goehring, Taylor Manzella, and Samantha Henkel all introduced themselves. President Schoonmaker asked them five questions, plus a bonus question. Office Manager VanBruggen then took the four of them into the hallway. Senate voted and discussed on the candidates.
9. Reports
a. Dean of Student Success – Dr. Mary Ward
a. Dr. Mary Ward gave a reminder that tonight is the Mental Health Panel at 7PM in Hagg-Sauer 100. It is important that we support these students who are willing to tell their personal stories. Dr. Mary Ward also reported that enrollment numbers are still healthy.
b. Advisor- Loralyn Kuechle
a. Advisor Kuechle reported that today was Java City’s last day and that Eco Grounds is opening tomorrow. She also reported that the Beaver Organization has changed locations. It will now be held in the Beaux Arts Ballroom. Lastly, she reported that this weekend is family weekend. The Bookstore will be open 9 to 6 and Eco Grounds will be open 9 to 3 on Saturday.
c. City Councilman – Michael Meehlhause
a. Senator Meehlhause introduced himself. He stated that his spirit animal is Captain America; and that he doesn’t care that Captain America is not an animal. During the day Senator Meehlhause is a technology arts teacher and in the winter he is a ski coach. In the evenings, he is a city senator. In the past,
Senator Meehlhause was a co-president in the BSU Senate. Senator Meehlhause stated that comes to our meetings to keep a straight line of communication between the city council and university senate. He likes to come to our meetings to be a direct resource for us whether it is for advice or questions. Senator Meehlhause asked the senate if there is anyone from the city who we would like for him to invite to our senate meetings. Senate did not ask for anyone to be invited. Senator Meehlhause reminded everyone about elections. It is important for everyone to become educated about local candidates and their issues. Senator Meehlhause also reported that the Police chief emailed Senator Meehlhause mid-summer asking about having some more police presence on campus. Senator Meehlhause asked for students to tell President Schoonmaker if they would be interested in having this conversation with him. Lastly, some new things in town: Thai restaurant opening in town, Culver’s is working on coming to town, and those of legal age- Bemidji Brew is having their October Fest event this Saturday.
10. Committee Reports
a. Student’s United – Officer Hlavsa
a. Officer Hlavsa reported that he sent everyone a message on Facebook on how to register and pledge to vote. Officer Hlavsa said he will work on getting more information to everyone about where to vote. The retreat for his committee will be this weekend. They will start meeting next Wednesday at 4PM before senate meetings. Officer Hlavsa also reported that Shriners is doing a parade this weekend. They will be having a luncheon at the golf
course this Saturday. Lastly, Officer Hlavsa reported that all of the promotional items for Student’s United have arrived.
a. Advisor Kuechle reported that they are still looking for members. They now have updated the travel request form within the SAFAC Beaver Link page.
c. Campus Affairs – Chair Shermoen
a. Chair Shermoen reported that she still doesn’t have a committee. She will be reaching out to people about possible times for her meeting.
d. Academic Affairs – Chair Franzen
a. Chair Franzen reported that he still doesn’t have a committee. He will be working to find members.
e. Inclusivity Affairs – Chair Hennek
a. Chair Hennek reported that he met with his committee today. They decided to keep moving forward with the diversity center idea from last year.
11. University Committee Report
a. Homecoming committee
i. Office Manager VanBruggen reported about the point contest for organizations during homecoming week. Organizations will get points for attending homecoming week events. One thing Senate needs to think about is electing a girl and boy for homecoming royalty.
12. Officer Report
a. Public Relations – Chair Pelland
a. Chair Pelland reported that she made a Senate Instagram account, please follow it. Also please follow our Twitter account. Chair Pelland also reported that she made an interactive calendar on the wall outside the senate office to advertise events. Lastly, tomorrow is the Beaver Organization Bash, please attend and help out.
b. Legislative Affairs – Chair Scheller
a. Chair Scheller reported that next week she will be giving a PowerPoint on Robert’s Rules. If there is anything you are struggling with, please tell Chair Scheller before next week so her presentation can be as beneficial as possible.
c. Office Manager – Office Manager VanBruggen
a. Office Manager VanBruggen reported on Beaver Link. She asked everyone to please join the Senate page so that we as a club can be represented accurately. Please do this by next week. Office Manager VanBruggen passed around contact sheets for people to fill out. She asked that these be returned at the next meeting.
d. Executive – President Schoonmaker and Vice President Lively
a. President Schoonmaker discussed if tabling should count as an office hour.
i. Senator McClellan pointed out that tabling and office hour are two separate requirements, and should be kept separate.
ii. Other discussion throughout senate. Overall consensus that it should count because we want people to table. Will revisit this topic next week.
b. President Schoonmaker informed the senate about Sanford fundraising opportunities. She stated that she will send out a form with dates to everyone to see what dates we can do as a Senate.
i. Chair Pelland asked people to please respond to President Schoonmaker as soon as possible. The dates are far in advance but this is so people can plan, making it easier to attend.
c. President Schoonmaker reported that our budget was originally cut by 50% this year when SAFAC allocated funds to organizations. We appealed our allocation and requested the full amount again and it was approved.
d. Vice President Lively reported on Pokémon Go. He is revising the date because he found out an event is already happening on that date.
e. Vice President Lively asked for volunteers for the Blue Ox Marathon. He took down names.
f. Vice President Lively informed everyone that a Virtual 5K will be held on campus. He will find out more information on this event and let us know when he can.
13. Points for the Good of the Order
a. Senator McClellan reported that Students for the environment is doing a canoe day trip on Saturday. They are meeting at the boat house at 1PM. This trip should last two and a half to three hours long. If you are interested, please sign up in the sustainability office. This event is free of cost.
b. President Schoonmaker reminded the Constitution committee that they will be meeting briefly after the meeting.
c. Chair Pelland reported that Bemidji State University is known state wide for their mental health awareness. So be proud, because we are doing a great job as a school with this topic.
14. Adjourn
a. Senator McClellan motioned to adjourn the meeting at 6:35PM, Senator Prosise seconded. Motion approved.