September 21, 2016 | Memorial Hall

Bemidji State University Student Association
Student Senate
September 21st, 2016
1. Call to Order
a. President Schoonmaker called this meeting to order at 5:02PM.
2. Roll Call
a. Present: President Schoonmaker, Vice President Lively, Chair Scheller, Chair Franzen, Chair Pelland, Chair Hennek, Office Manager VanBruggen, Students United Officer Hlavsa, Advisor Kuechle, Senator McClellan, Senator Byrd, Senator Prosise, Senator Stockman, Senator Loechler, Senator Schommer, Senator Goehring, Senator Manzella, Senator Henkel
b. Absent: Chair Shermoen, Dr. Mary Ward, Councilman Meehlhause, Senator DeAdder
c. Gallery: Dr. Westhoff, Jordan Lutz, Josephine Terry, Justine Kapitzke, Kelsey Cobenais, AleJandro Ketchel, Brandon Vacek, Jared Gabrelcik
3. Pledge of Allegiance
4. Approval of Agenda
a. President Schoonmaker motioned to add office hours under old business. No objections.
b. Senator Prosise motioned to approve the agenda, senator Loechler seconded. Motion approved.
5. Approval of Minutes
a. Senator Loechler motioned to approval the minutes, Senator Stockman seconded. Motion approved.
6. Student Public Hearing
7. University Public Hearing
a. Dr. Westhoff spoke on the Inauguration Ceremony for President Hensrud. Inauguration is a wonderful experience for a new president. It sets strategic direction for years to come. I am asking senate for help to encourage students to participate in events leading up to the inauguration.
8. For the Good of the Students
a. Old Business
i. Office hours- Each senator is required to hold one office hour each week. There is current discussion about allowing tabling to count as an office hour. There is currently a constitution committee that could review this and bring it to the senate to be changed by a majority vote. Senator Prosise motioned that the constitution committee review the office hour requirements in the bylaws by the next meeting and bring it to the senate. Senator Goehring seconded this motion. Senate voted. Motion approved.
b. New Business
i. Election Results
1. President Schoonmaker announced the senate election results.
ii. Office Supply Expenditure – Office Manager VanBruggen
1. Office manager VanBruggen showed senate the office supply expenditures. Senate amended the expenditure to only have one 3
hole puncher instead of 2. Chair Franzen motioned to approve the office supply expenditure, Senator Byrd seconded. Senate voted. Motion approved.
9. Reports
a. Dean of Student Success – Dr. Mary Ward
a. President Schoonmaker announced that Dr. Mary Ward is retiring at the end of this month. Her last meeting will be our next meetings. Advisor Kuechle reported that on Monday 2:30-4:30 in Decker is her retirement party.
b. Advisor – Loralyn Kuechle
c. City Councilman – Michael Meehlhause
10. Committee Reports
a. Student’s United – Officer Hlavsa
a. Officer Hlavsa introduced himself. His committee had their first meeting today. They had their retreat last weekend, it went well. They will be tabling at Lakeside this next week for Get out the Vote. He also stated that he and Chair Pelland signed up to be Homecoming royalties for Student Senate. Lastly, he stated that Senator DeAdder and he have been researching prices for Senate polos.
b. SAFAC – Erika Duley
a. Advisor Kuechle reported that SAFAC is having a workshop next Wednesday from noon to 1:00PM about the new traveling forms. There are still openings on this committee. Committee meets Mondays at 3:00PM.
c. Campus Affairs – Chair Shermoen
d. Academic Affairs – Chair Franzen
a. Chair Franzen reported he has no committee yet. His committee focuses on academic affairs. If you are interested in joining, talk to Chair Franzen.
b. Vice President Lively stated that a Doodle poll will be sent out for anyone not on a committee.
e. Inclusivity Affairs – Chair Hennek
a. Chari Hennek introduced himself. His committee meets Wednesdays at 3PM.
11. University Committee Report
a. President Schoonmaker passed around a sheet for people to sign up to be on a university committee. This sheet also included state wide committees for people to sign up to be a part of.
12. Officer Report
a. Public Relations – Chair Pelland
a. Chair Pelland stated that she is running for Homecoming Queen, representing Student Senate. If you have any crazy ideas to market senate for royalty, let her or Officer Hlavsa know. The Walk for Alzheimers is this weekend on Saturday if you are interested. Please make sure to like Senate on Facebook and follow on Instagram and Twitter.
b. Legislative Affairs – Chair Scheller
a. Chair Scheller motioned to move her report to the end of the meeting as she will be presenting a Robert’s Rule PowerPoint.
c. Office Manager – Office Manager VanBruggen
a. Office manager VanBruggen asked that everyone who has not yet added themselves on the senate BeaverLink page, to do so as soon as possible. She also asked everyone to please complete the contact sheets she gave to everyone at the last meeting as soon as possible.
d. Executive – President Schoonmaker and Vice President Lively
a. President Schoonmaker passed around a sheet of events for people to volunteer for. The list is all the way through February.
b. President Schoonmaker verbally reminded everyone of Senate’s expectations for everyone.
c. Vice President Lively is still working on the One Drive transition from J Drive. He encourages new senators to read over the constitution. A reminder that It’s On Us will present next week.
13. Points for the Good of the Order
a. President Schoonmaker announced that the Constitution committee will meet at 3:00PM next week on Wednesday. Cabinet meting after the meeting today.
b. Senator Prosise talked about Relay for life. She stated that Senate should make a team. Senator Stockman gave some more information about Relay for Life. The event will be held February 18th. There is one meeting each month.
c. Senator Byrd gave a little bit of information on the virtual 5K being held at BSU. If it is mandatory for a class or something, it will not be accepted as meeting the requirements for this 5K event.
d. Chair Scheller presented her presentation on Robert’s Rules. If you have any questions, talk to Chair Scheller.
14. Adjourn
a. Chair Hennek motioned to adjourn the meeting at 6:05PM, Senator Prosise seconded. Motion approved.