September 28, 2016 | Crying Wolf

Bemidji State University Student Association
Student Senate
September 28th, 2016
1. Call to Order
a. President Schoonmaker called the meeting to order at 5:02PM.
2. Roll Call
a. Present: President Schoonmaker, Vice President Lively, Chair Scheller, Chair Franzen, Chair Pelland, Chair Shermoen, Chair Hennek, Office Manager VanBruggen, Students United Officer Hlavsa, Dr. Mary Ward, Advisor Kuechle, Councilman Meehlhause, Senator McClellan, Senator Byrd, Senator Prosise, Senator Stockman, Senator Schommer, Senator Goehring, Senator Manzella, Senator Henkel, Senator Vacek, Senator Cobenais, Senator Terry, Senator Tesmer, Senator Ketchel, Senator Gabrelcik, Senator Kaptizke, Senator Baumgardt, Senator Lutz
b. Absent: Senator DeAdder, Senator Loechler, Senator Verdugo
c. Gallery: Erika Duley, Clara Lehner, Peter Gable, Scott Faust, Tia Hinz, Jordan Starr, Nathaniel Hood
3. Pledge of Allegiance
4. Approval of Agenda
a. Senator McClellan motioned to move the highway clean up to before it’s on us, Senator Byrd seconded. Motioned approved. Senator Prosise motioned to approve the agenda, Chair Hennek seconded. Motion approved.
5. Approval of Minutes
a. Minutes approved by general consent.
6. Student Public Hearing
7. University Public Hearing
a. Scott Faust, Director of Communications and Marketing – Student Lead Presidential Inauguration Event
i. October 14th at 1:00PM. An inauguration is a celebration for the institution. It sets the tone for the future years. We are looking at inviting students, staff, and faculty to share their perspective in a video taped session on the 5th 10AM-Noon followed by lunch Noon-1PM. People being taped will be asked two questions: How has your experience at BSU shaped you and your future? And what do you hope to see for the university in the future? This will help President Hensrud know what to speak about. There is also hopes to put these clips on the university website. He is asking senate to spread the word to get people to come to this event.
1. Senator McClellan asked where this event will be. Chair Pelland said it will probably be in the Scandinavian room or the Vikings room. Senate’s job will be to table and get students involved. Scott Faust stated that lunch will probably be in the Beaux Arts Ballroom. During this time students will get to meet President Hensrud if they have not already.
8. For the Good of the Students
a. Old Business
i. Office Hours – Constitution Committee
1. President Schoonmaker stated that the constitution committee met and came up with a recommendation. They want to amend the bylaws, Article 1, section 1 to state “A “scheduled office hour” shall be defined as a posted hour of which the student must be available in the Student Senate office, or in which the student is tabling for Student Senate.” They also want article 3 , section 1, part D to state “Committee chairs can grant exceptions to senators, and the President or Vice President can grant exceptions to cabinet members, so long as said senator or cabinet member is fulfilling their assigned tasks.”
2. Senate discussed some concerns about logging and ensuring that people are leaving the office to do senate related business. Some ideas to resolve this problem include highlighting in another color to keep people accountable.
3. Chair Franzen motioned to approve the constitution as written, Chair Pelland seconded. Motion approved. Senate voted. Motioned approved unanimously.
b. New Business
i. Get Out the Vote (GOTV) Information – Officer Hlavsa
1. President Schoonmaker reported for Officer Hlavsa. Our goal is to register 700 people. We are in a competition with the other Minnesota State Universities. Registering to vote makes things
easier. You don’t have to wait in line the day of voting. Officer Hlavsa started a competition. At the end of this week by Friday, whoever collects the most pledges to vote, wins $50. The overall competition goes up until Election Day. 1st place winner will receive $100, 2nd place will receive $50, and 3rd place will receive $25. In order for the pledges to count, your initials need to be in the top corner.
ii. It’s On Us! – Tia Hinz and Jordan Starr
1. Tia and Jordan presented on It’s On Us! It is a national campaign focusing on sexual assaults on campus. Nearly 1 in 3 BSU female students have indicated that they have been sexually assaulted. Week of Action is November 14tth-18th. Filming is starting tomorrow from 10AM-noon in Bangsberg. Please let Tia know if you can or cannot make the filming. Jordan and Tia are working hard to get lots of organizations involved with this initiative so that next year, this idea does not diminish, as they both are seniors and will be gone. They are hoping to change the policy on affirmative consent, they are also hoping to improve our website so it is more clear as to what you are to do if you experience sexual violence.
a. Senator Prosise asked what will be done during the video. Tia responded that they have a script with 20 lines. She asked that people wear BSU gear.
b. President Schoonmaker recommended that Tia talk to the senators who sit on the policy committee. Tia stated that she would love to.
c. President Schoonmaker asked Tia if there is anything that she wants from us? She stated that it would be awesome if we could do something for the Week of Action. Tia also stated that we can come to their meetings if we are interested. The next meeting will be Thursday at 6PM in the North Conference Room.
iii. Highway Cleanup / Lunch Expenditure – President Schoonmaker
1. We sponsor a part of the highway. It is our responsibility to clean up the highway twice a year. President Schoonmaker stated that they are trying to do the clean up 10-noon this Sunday. She took down names of people interested. Senator McClellan stated that last year they split up the highway wrong so a part of the highway was not cleaned. She recommended that senate starts on the far side so that this does not get missed. Chair Pelland recommended to wear boots, gloves, and to layer your clothing. Chair Hennek stated that everyone should wear pants. President Schoonmaker stated that she is going to the MN Dot office to pick up neon vests. Senator McClellan had an idea that SAFAC gets the poker sticks for all organizations to use if they have a sponsor a highway to clean up.
2. President Schoonmaker stated that she would like to get pizza for the senate after highway clean up. She is budgeting $30. Councilman Meehlhause told President Schoonmaker to withdraw that expenditure and that he will buy senate pizza.
9. Reports
a. Dean of Student Success – Dr. Mary Ward
a. Dr. Mary Ward said thank you to everyone for their leadership. It has been a pleasure to work with senate all of these years. She will be retiring this Friday. She told Senate to not stop growing as leaders, keep up the good work. Her understanding is that her position will be searched and then interviews will be held. Provost Anderson stated that he will try to be at as many Senate meetings as possible as he will be fulfilling Dr. Mary Ward’s responsibilities.
b. Advisor – Loralyn Kuechle
c. City Councilman – Michael Meehlhause
a. City Councilman Meehlhause stated his introductions. His business cards are in the Student Senate office if you would like to contact him. He has met the new event director at the Sanford Center. City of Bemidji is looking at claiming Indigineous People day aside from Columbus Day. He challenge senate to promote collecting box tops across the campus and donate it to Central Elementary, they struggle with high poverty rates and could use the extra help. Senator Prosise recommended we have a big box in the senate that we promote about on campus.
10. Committee Reports
a. Student’s United – Officer Hlavsa
a. Officer Hlavsa reported that he has the total number of pledges. We already have 293 pledges and just started on Monday. If you have any questions about pledging, ask Officer Hlavsa.
b. SAFAC – Erika Duley
a. Erika Duley, SAFAC Chair for the fall semester introduced herself. She introduced Clara Lehner, SAFAC vice chair who is hoping to become chair in the spring. Currently, SAFAC has 6 voting members, there are 2 open spots. If you are interested, the application is on Beaver Link or you can email Erika.
c. Campus Affairs – Chair Shermoen
a. Chair Shermoen announced that she is resigning from her position immediately tonight. Her position is open to anyone on senate. Yield to President Schoonmaker. President Schoonmaker clarified that Chair Shermoen would like to stay on senate just as a senator instead. President Schoonmaker stated that the process for this position is to fill out an application and fulfill different requirements. We will be taking applications until the next meeting and will then be interviewing people. Since it is a vacancy in the middle of the year, President Schoonmaker and Vice President Lively will select an applicant and then the senate has to vote on this person with a 2/3 vote. Vice President Lively will be filling this position temporarily until this position is filled.
d. Academic Affairs – Chair Franzen
e. Inclusivity Affairs – Chair Hennek
a. Chair Hennek reported that his committee passed two fundraisers today and approved another organization’s constitution.
11. University Committee Report
a. President Schoonmaker passed around a signup sheet for university/state wide committees.
12. Officer Report
a. Public Relations – Chair Pelland
a. Chair Pelland passed around a signup sheet, 10-12 encouraging student’s to speak on the behalf of the university and to give input on the inauguration. There are hopes that class could be cancelled the night of the inauguration so that everyone can participate. Chair Pelland and Officer Hlavsa find out tomorrow if they made it onto the homecoming court.
b. Legislative Affairs – Chair Scheller
a. Chair Scheller went over who is running for different positions. U.S. House District, MN House District, Senator House District. Ward 1, Ward 3, Ward 5
c. Office Manager – Office Manager VanBruggen
a. Office Manager VanBruggen passed out contact sheets to all the new senators and asked that they return them at the next meeting. She also asked new senators to add themselves to the Senate Beaverlink page. Lastly, she stated that she is trying to update the listserv.
b. Vice President Lively asked the new senators to give him their student ID’s so he can add them to the JDrive.
d. Executive – President Schoonmaker and Vice President Lively
a. Vice President Lively explained the JDrive to the new senators. We are in the process of transitioning to One Drive.
b. Charity Drive on campus targeting faculty/staff. Asking us to promote to staff.
c. President Schoonmaker stated that the Gavin Degraw concert is cancelled.
13. Points for the Good of the Order
a. Senator Prosise announced that the Student Nurses Association will be hosting a blood drive on the 5th and 6t.”.
b. Chair Hennek asked about student senate bonding. He would be interested in hosting soon before it gets cold. He will report back with a date and time.
c. Councilman Mehhlhause stated that the Beltrami County Historical Society is looking for a board member. . They meet every FIRST THURSDAY of the month.
d. President Schoonmaker announced committee meeting times. She will send this out via email as well.
14. Adjourn
a. Senator Prosise motioned to adjourn at 6:45PM, Senator Byrd seconded. Motion approved.