September 7, 2016 | Memorial Hall 300

Bemidji State University Student Association
Student Senate
September 7th, 2016
1. Call to Order
a. President Schoonmaker called the meeting to order at 5:05PM.
2. Roll Call
a. Present: President Schoonmaker, Vice President Lively, Chair Scheller, Chair Franzen, Chair Pelland, Chair Shermoen, Chair Hennek, Office Manager VanBruggen, Student’s United Officer Hlavsa, Dr. Mary Ward, Advisor Kuechle, Senator McClellan, Senator Byrd, Senator Prosise, Senator Stockman, Senator DeAdder, Senator Loechler
b. Absent: Councilman Meehlhause
c. Gallery: Jim Dillemuth (CIO), Kody Schommer, Alyssa Goehring, Taylor Manzella, Samantha Henkel, Erika Duley
3. Pledge of Allegiance
a. President Schoonmaker suspended the agenda for a few minutes for the President of faculty to speak to the senate. Senate approved.
i. President of faculty- Chris Brown the “Union Thug”. Chris expressed how he would like the faculty senate and student senate to work together. He told the senate that the faculty are here for us. The student senate has lots of power and can make good changes around our school. Chris told the senate that because the faculty senate is a union, students are not able to stay the entire meeting. Vice President Lively asked what the best way
to contact Chris is. He replied that his office is in Hagg-Sauer 334 and to feel free to stop by. Otherwise you can email him at If you really need to contact him, you can reach him at his personal email
4. Approval of Agenda
a. Chair Franzen motioned to approve the agenda, Vice President Lively seconded. Motion approved.
5. Approval of Minutes
a. Senator Prosise motioned to approve the minutes, Chair Franzen seconded. Motion approved.
6. Student Public Hearing
7. University Public Hearing
8. For the Good of the Students
a. Old Business
b. New Business
i. SAFAC Chair Applicant- Erika Duley
1. Erika Duley introduced herself. Erika is a last semster senior here at Bemidji State University. She is currently studying business administration. Erika has been involved in many activities on campus, such as the Campus Activities Board (CAB), and finds herself to be very easily approachable.
2. President Schoonmaker asked Erika five questions.
a. What interests you about this position? Erika joined SAFAC because she was interested in knowing more about where her money goes as a student who pays a lot of money to the university. This is Erika’s fourth semester on SAFAC and she has really enjoyed the experience.
b. What experiences or skills do you have with SAFAC and/or any other position relating to budget management? Being in SAFAC for four semesters has given Erika lots of experience. She has been involved with SAFAC during the fall and spring semesters so she has gained multiple experiences.
i. Senator McClellan clarified that Erika has been involved with SAFAC for two spring semesters meaning that she has been involved in seeing two different budget allocation processes. Erika confirmed that is correct.
c. How will you work to increase transparency and communication between Student Senate and SAFAC? Communication is key. Erika does not want anything to be under the table. Erika said she will work to be honest and open, transparent.
d. What do you see as the biggest challenge for you in this position and how will you address it? My biggest challenge
would be getting the new travel request up and going. Travel was taken out of allocations to organizations. This will allow for disbursements of money to be more accurate.
e. What in your opinion is the purpose of SAFAC and the mission behind the committee? The purpose of SAFAC is to allocate money to student organizations. We are here for the students and want to allocate money in the places that seems best for the students. Erika said her team this year is great. They work hard to be unbiased and fair to everyone.
i. Vice President Lively motioned to vote on the SAFAC chair applicant, Chair Franzen seconded. Vote passed unanimously.
9. Reports
a. Dean of Student Success – Dr. Mary Ward
a. Dr. Mary Ward reported that the Presidential inauguration will be held on October 14th at 1PM in the John Glas fieldhouse. The day before the inauguration, October 13th, will be a fun day. There will be a picnic held in the courtyard between the upper and lower union.
b. Dr. Mary Ward requested that Senate please submit a name for the policy committee as soon as possible.
c. Dr. Mary Ward reminded senate that at the end of last year, President Hanson recommended a task force be formed this fall for the Wellness Center.
d. Dr. Mary reported reported lastly about enrollment numbers. We are off to a good start with maintaining enrollment numbers. There has not been any significant changes yet.
b. Advisor- Loralyn Kuechle
a. Advisor Kuechle reminded everyone that tomorrow is the Organization Assembly in the Beaux Art’s Ballroom at 4PM. Right after the meeting they will be discussing how organizations can get involved in hosting a movie. Advisor Kuechle also reminded everyone that the Beaver Organization Bash is next week at the Hobson Memorial Union from 4:30-7:00.
b. Advisor Kuechle reported that Java City’s last day is September 14th, Eco Grounds will open the following day.
c. City Councilman – Michael Meehlhause
10. Committee Reports
a. Student’s United – Officer Hlavsa
a. Office Hlavsa reported that his first intern meeting is tonight at 8PM on google hangouts. He will have more information to relay back next week. The retreat for Officer Hlavas’s committee will be on the 16th and 17th of next week. Officer Hlavsa is working on arranging a meeting time for his committee. He will update senate once he has an official meeting time so that senate members can join if they wish.
c. Campus Affairs – Chair Shermoen
a. Chair Shermoen stated that if anyone is interested in joining her committee but the times don’t work for you, to please let her know. Chair Shermoen yielded to Jim to talk about the Google Drive transition from the J Drive.
i. Jim informed the senate that our school does not have a contract with Google Drive, however, they do have a contract with One Drive and he would love to help us set that up. It is essentially the same as Google Drive but would be more secure. President Schoonmaker reported that she, Chair Franzen, and Chair Shermoen would work with Jim to set this up. Senator McClellan asked about moving stuff over from the J Drive. Jim responded that he could help move stuff over. Jim also informed us that within the next year, everyone will be switching over to One Drive, we are just the first group to reach out to him about transitioning. Senator McClellan asked if it would be easy to integrate with our student email. Jim replied that since they were both Microsoft it would be easy. Vice President Lively asked if One Drive would serve as a group function. Jim replied that it essentially would be a group just like the J Drive. Vice President Lively asked members who do not have access to the J Drive to let him know so that during this transition, everyone can still have access to the student senate information.
d. Academic Affairs – Chair Franzen
e. Inclusivity Affairs – Chair Hennek
a. Chair Hennek reported that his committee had a meeting today, he has a full committee. His committee met for 20 minutes and had some good discussion.
11. University Committee Report
a. President Schoonmaker reported that she is working to come up with an alternative plan for people who cannot make any of the current committee meetings.
12. Officer Report
a. Public Relations – Chair Pelland
a. Chair Pelland reported that over the summer, she worked on improving the student senate page on the Bemidji State University website. She also worked on creating bios for the cabinet members on our page. Chair Pelland would like to move forward with this idea of bios for senators as well. Chair Pelland will email Office Manager VanBruggen the template to be mailed to everyone.
b. Chair Pelland requested that everyone who can be at the Beaver Organization Bash, to please attend and help at the Senate booth.
b. Legislative Affairs – Chair Scheller
a. Chair Scheller reported her weekly news facts:
i. There was a new attendance record set at the state fair. 1.9 million People attended this year.
ii. Only 43% of adults in the United States read novels. More people need to read!
iii. Another email scam was found on Hilary Clinton. She is being investigated. The Green party candidate is being investigated because
she was arrested for graffiti. Trump is also being investigated for giving a speech about how he plans to improve military spending by $10 million.
c. Office Manager – Office Manager VanBruggen
a. Office Manager VanBruggen passed around the office hour’s sheet for people to make change to their office hours. Office Manager VanBruggen also explained the process of making up missed hours. If you have any questions on office hours, please ask Office Manager VanBruggen.
d. Executive – President Schoonmaker and Vice President Lively
a. President Schoonmaker showed the senate the event calendar for September. She verbally walked through the events.
b. President Schoonmaker explained that when the cabinet members met during the summer, they came up with a list of expectations for everyone. President Schoonmaker verbally stated all of the values. She asked the senate if they had anything to add. Nothing to add. If you think of anything please contact President Schoonmaker.
c. President Schoonmaker reported that there are a few state wide committees that meet through Minnesota State. If you served on these state level committees, you would meet with students and administrators from Minnesota State. There are a few spots open right now on the following committees: Academic Affairs and Technology. President Schoonmaker wrote down names of people interested.
d. President Schoonmaker reported that according to the Senate bylaws, anytime we spend $25 or more, it needs to be approved by the whole Senate. We spent $75 for the Community Appreciation Day and we failed to approve that in advance. Apologies.
e. President Schoonmaker reported that a Constitution/ Bylaw review committee is going to be formed this year. President Schoonmaker wrote down a list of names of people who are interested in serving on this committee.
f. It’s On Us! – Vice President Lively
i. Vice President Lively reported that there will be a presentation in a few weeks on the proposal for It’s On Us! Currently, they are asking for some student leaders to volunteer to be in a public service announcement video. Vice President Lively wrote down a list of names of people who are interested.
ii. Vice President Lively requested that people please submit their schedules as soon as possible! Please also include your tech ID number.
iii. Vice President Lively talked about his interest in senate holding a Pokémon Go Event. He asked if anyone is interested in helping brainstorm this event. Vice President Lively wrote down names of people interested in helping.
iv. Vice President Lively reported that Senate would like to host a few Beaver treats in order to advertise Student Senate He wrote down names of people who would be able to help.
13. Points for the Good of the Order
a. Advisor Kuechle reported that she still need members to serve on SAFAC. If interested talk to Advisor Kuechle or fill out an application on Beaver Link.
b. President Schoonmaker reported that when the cabinet asks questions or sends emails out to everyone, it is important for everyone to please respond.
14. Adjourn
a. Senator Prosise motioned to adjourn at 6:02PM, Chair Franzen seconded. Motion approved.