Minutes for October 18, 2017

Bemidji State Student Association

Student Senate


October 18, 2017
1. Call to Order
a. President Ullah called the meeting to order at 6:25PM

2. Roll Call
a. Present: President Ullah, Vice President Hlavsa, Chair Gabel, Chair Campbell, MSUSA VanBruggen, Chair Stockmen, Chair Henkel, Chair Hennek, Senator Sanders, Senator Splittstoser, Senator Newby, Senator Stout, Senator Shakkar, Senator Simons, Senator Soukup, Senator Frenz, Senator Bortz, Advisor Johnson, Dean of Students Dr. Grant, Councilmen Meehlhause
b. Unexcused: Senator Anderson
c. Gallery: Alex Tibbitts, Rupesh Thapa
3. Approval of Agenda
a. Agenda was motioned for approval by Senator Newby and seconded by Senator Shakkar. Motion Approved.
4. Approval of Minutes
a. Minutes were motioned for approval by Vice President Hlavsa and seconded by Chair Campbell. Motion approved.
5. Public Hearing
a. Councilmen Meehlhause spoke about how Senate is able to send a senator to the council meetings to report on any senate activity that may be happening. Student Senate does have a place for reports in the council’s agenda. He also showed the Senate how to operate the city website and where we could find the council minutes and how to contact the councilors.
6. For the good of the Students

a. Old Business
i. AAR Feedback – Senator Frenz
a. Senator Frenz and Chair Henkel had a meeting with Zach Anderson who is in charge of the Advising Center. Senator Frenz reported that the meeting went well and they discussed the AAR days. She has hung up poster in both the Freshmen dorms and is receiving more feedback to bring back to Zach Anderson.
ii. Senate Recruitment – Advisor Johnson
b. Advisor Johnson spoke about Senator Recruitment and different ways we could get more students to join Senate. Chair Hennek mentioned having people attend the Hall Council meetings in each of the buildings to reach out and be able to hear from more students about their ideas to change campus.
iii. Bill- SB 01 – Chair Hennek and Senator Shakkhar
c. Bill SB-01 was motioned to be tabled for the next meeting by Chair Hennek and seconded by Senator Shakkar. They are not ready to present on the bill. Motion passed.
b. New Business
i. Senator orientation – President Ullah and Vice President Hlavsa
a. See attached PowerPoint.

7. Reports
1) Cabinet Reports
a. Chair Gable yielded to Senator Splittstoser to talk about the Diversity committee meeting that he attended. Senator Splittstoser spoke about the three main points brought up at the meeting.
b. Chair Campbell provided an update for the Hurricane Supply drive. The school supplies were shipped out and the money was given to Rice University to assist them in any needs that they have.
c. Chair Hennek reminded everyone that if anything needs to be posted on the social media pages to allow at least 24 hours for the message to be posted. He also talked about a pamphlet that him and his committee members are working on. He opened up the senate for discussion on what should be included in that pamphlet. Discussion was held amongst the Senate.
2) University Committee Reports
3) Advisor Reports
4) Other Reports

8. Points for the Good of the Order

9. Adjourn
a. Meeting was adjourned. Motion Passed.