Minutes for November 1, 2017

Bemidji State Student Association

Student Senate


November 1, 2017

1. Call to Order

a. President Ullah called the meeting to order at 5:02 PM.

2. Roll Call

a. Present: President Ullah, Vice President Hlavsa, Office Manager Tesmer, Chair Henkel, Chair Campbell, Chair Stockmen, Chair Gabel, Chair Hennek, Senator Newby, Senaotr Bortz, Senator Soukup, Senator Sanders, Senator Splittstoser, Senator Frenz, Senator Thapa, Senator Stout, Dean of Students Dr. Grant, and Advisor Johnson

b. Unexcused: Senator Shakkar

c. Excused: Senator Simons

d. Gallery: Scott Faust, Austin Fraune, Mackenzie Juberien, Alysha Brooks, Isaac Hanson,

3. Approval of Agenda

a. Agenda was motioned for approval by Senator Soukup and seconded by Senator Newby. Motion approved.

4. Approval of Minutes

a. Minutes were motioned for approval by Senator Newby and seconded by Chair Stockmen. Motion approved.

5. Public Hearing

a.  A motion was made to move the approval of SAFAC members by MSUSA VanBruggen and Seconded by Senator Newby. Motion approved.


6. Guest Speaker: Scott Faust on Centennial Task Force

a. Scott Faust spoke about the upcoming 100th anniversary of Bemidji State University is 2019. This is a time to shine a light on Bemidji State. There is a plan to begin the observance this coming spring as that was the first groundbreaking of the University. He wants to invite the Student Senate to appoint a representative to serve on the task force helping to create ideas for the up and coming centennial.


7. For the good of the Students


a. Old Business

i. Student Senate Strategic Planning

a. President Ullah spoke about the inputs on the Student Strategic plan document. He briefly went over the Student Senate Strategic plan. A decision was made to have the cabinet speak about the Strategic plan and then present it to the Senate again next week to make sure everything is in order.

ii. Bill SB-01 – Presented by Chair Hennek and Senator Shakkar

a.  Chair Hennek spoke about Bill SB-01. Chair Hennek motioned to table Bill SB-01 for the next two meetings it was seconded by Chair Stockmen. Motion approved.

iii. Student Spotlight Award- Chair Campbell

a. Chair Campbell spoke briefly about the spotlight award and some of the concerns that were brought up at the next meeting. Chair Campbell then called the bill into question and the bill was seconded by Senator Sanders. The spotlight award was voted on by the Senate. Motion passed.

b. New Business

i. Approval of Student Representative for Environmental Advisory Committee (EAC)

a. Alysha Brooks approached the Student Senate and spoke briefly about herself and what she hopes to accomplish in the EAC. Discussion was held about her ideas and a little bit more information about Alysha herself. Student Senate then voted Alysha into the EAC. Vote passed.

ii. SAFAC Members Approval

b. SAFAC Chair Austin Fraune and Vice Chair Mackenzie Juberien talked about the voting members that needed to be voted on by the Student Senate. There was discussion surrounding the new members. The Senate then voted on the SAFAC committee. The members were voted into the SAFAC committee.


8. Reports

1) Cabinet Reports

a. Vice President Hlavsa spoke about the Highway clean up. As of right now the weather will not permit us to continue with the highway clean up. He is looking at doing two Highway clean-ups in the spring time to make up for the one we missed this fall.

b. Chair Hennek spoke about Chair Campbell making it into the Bemidji Pioneer about his Hurricane Relief fund and school drive. Chair Hennek then spoke about making The Student Senate applications an editable PDF version. He also spoke about a vote to buy a new microphone which would make the livestream possible again, the microphone would cost about sixty dollars. He also spoke about the pipeline that is being replaced near Bemidji and how he wants to make a letter of solidarity stating that Bemidji State Students are against the pipeline removal.

c.  Chair Hennek spoke on behalf of MSUSUA VanBruggen about the Halloween event that took place this past week. The event was very successful with about 30 people showing up. Delegates is coming up fast any concerns or questions you may have please direct them toward President Ullah or MSUSA VanBruggen. There is a position for the Public Relations chair on the Students United cabinet. If anyone is interested in this position refer your questions to MSUSA VanBruggen.

d. President Ullah stated that Student Senate has been nominated as the Student organization of the month for October. He then read off the comments that were made about the Senate body as a whole and why the nominator believed we should be nominated.

e. Chair Henkel spoke about what her committee has been up to in the past weeks this included the AAR surveys and having an open hour.

2) Advisor Report

a. The ARIC is kicking off the American Indian Heritage month with a speaker Wednesday November 1st at 6:00 PM.

b. On November 18th there will be a Powwow that is held by the ARIC. Everyone is encouraged to attend.

c. CAB is presenting Scott and Chris on November 8th at 8PM in the terrace lounge by Eco Grounds.

3) University Committee Reports

a. Chair Stockmen will be sitting on the Dining services committee and the Career Advisory Board committee. Any questions or concerns you would like him to bring message him and let him know.

b. Senator Frenz spoke about the Haunted Hall success of it with 260 students attending. She also spoke about how she represented Student Senate at the Tamarack Hall council meeting last week.

4) Other Reports


9. Points for the Good of the Order

a. Senator Newby spoke at the last Oak Hall council meeting and told the students in attendance to reach out to himself, Senator Stout or Chair Stockmen with any concerns they had.

10. Adjourn

a. Meeting was motioned to be adjourned by Senator Frenz seconded by Vice president Hlavsa. Motion passed. Meeting was adjourned at 6:05 PM.