Student Senate Minutes Feb. 28 2018

  1. Call to Order
    1. President Ullah called the meeting to order at 4:34 PM in the Crying Wolf Room.
  1. Roll Call
    1. Present: President Ullah, Vice President Stockman, Chief of Staff Sanders, Chair Newby, Chair Frenz, Chair Sawyer, Chair Bugera- Brown, Office Manager Peralta, Senator Bortz, Senator Hennek, Senator Hood, Senator Johnson, Senator Martin, Senator Merkling, Senator Rapp, Senator Soukup, Senator Splittstoser, Senator Tibbetts, Senator Thapa,
    2. Absent: Senator Shakkhar, Senator Stout, Senator Hanenberger
    3. Gallery: Alejandro Katchel, Galen Hlavsa, Josey Fog
  1. Approval of Agenda
    1. Chief of Staff Sanders moved to approve the agenda, seconded by Senator Tibbitts. Agenda approved.
  1. Approval of Minutes
    1. Chair Newby moved to approve the minutes, seconded by Senator Tibbitts. Minutes approved.
  1. Public Hearing
  2. For the good of the Students
  3. Old Business
    1. Statement on PROSPER ACT                                   (5 minutes)
      1. The senate urged the students of BSU to contact their local representatives to talk about this Act. Senate has a negative stance as a body. A reading was made on the Act. Chair Newby moved to pass the act as written, seconded by Senator Tibbitts. The statement passes as written.
  1. New Business
    1. Candidates for Elections Commission (20 minutes)
      1. Chief of Staff Sanders nominated Senator Thapa, Senator Martin, and Senator Hanenberger. Senator Martin was interviewed by senate then sequestered. The senate voted to have Senator Martin on the Election Commission. Alejandro Katchel was interviewed by Senate then sequestered. Senate voted and Alejandro is on the Elections Commission.
  1. SR 18-01 “Relocating Non-reusable Utensils in Dining
    Areas” – Senator Rapp and Chair Newby (10 minutes)

    1. Senator Rapp and Chair Newby presented a resolution to relocate plastic utensils to a location that is not easily accessible to students. In order to have students opt out of plastic and chose more environmentally friendly silverware. With this resolution, they can eliminate this trash and get medal would be used more. This is going to be similar to the to go plates that are now located behind the line. This will be brought back to senate for a second meeting.
  • Exploring SAFAC Structure and Allocation Process- Chief of Staff Sanders and Chair Bugera- Brown (45 minutes)
    1. Chief of Staff Sanders and Chair Bugera- Brown presented what the structure is of the SAFAC organization. This included diagrams showing how other schools have their structure as well as how BSU’s structure is as well.
  1. Reports (20 minutes)
  • Cabinet Reports
    1. President Ullah called the MN Secretary of State office. Secretary of State Steve Simon is eager to come to senate on the 13th of March. From 11:15 AM – 12 PM the students may ask questions, anything related to Bemidji. The secretary is willing to answer and give feedback. If the senate body can give questions to senate please let student senate know so we can ask this.
    2. President Ullah regretfully let the senate know that Senator Merkling has stepped down as a senator due to personal reasons.
    3. President Ullah let Senate know that on March 21st they will leave at 5 AM from BSU Campus to go down to the capital for Bemidji Day. If anyone is interested please contact Ullah.
    4. Vice President Stockman spoke to the senate about the community service day, the best time for food-shelf is Friday and Saturday this week. The food-shelf needs help moving furniture and reassembling furniture. Friday 3-4PM and Saturday at 5 PM until finished.
    5. Chair Bugera-Brown spoke about the campaign “Love Has No Labels”, the committee is working on a video. She is still in the process of the script. If anyone would want to add any input or want to be involved then please reach out to Chair Bugera-Brown.
    6. Chief of Staff Sanders let senate know about the policy admin testing policy, they changed that students can opt out of text messages from BSU. If anyone would like to join, the committee meets at 4 PM at the student senate office on Thursday’s.
    7. Chair Frenz encouraged senators to join her committee. She is still working on includED program.
    8. Chair Sawyer mentioned that the flyers are out for the photo contest, he encourages as many to participate. Please participate and encourage others to participate. This is in connections with the Student Leadership Coalition.
      1. Chair Newby updated us to let us know that they reached out to Councilman Meehlhause about the Birchmount Ave snow removal. Beaver points are going to be multipoint on the relay for life event.
  • University Committee Reports

Vice President Stockman updated the senate on the food and service committee. The store called C3 added fresh vegetables and fruits. They are updating the menu on upper deck.


  • Advisor’s Report
    1. Advisor Johnson spoke about the importance of a very critical to interview on the new campus position on campus. The feedback on the person is just as important for us as it is for the candidates because it is them who choose us as an institution as well.
    2. Advisor Johnson spoke about the opportunity for students to become Student Orientation Leaders, if anyone is interested she urged them to go to the HMU desk and fill out an application, they are due March 9th.
  • Other Reports
  1. Points for the Good of the Order
    1. Vice President Stockman mentioned an opportunity for senators to speak on safe spring break next Wednesday at 10 -1.
    2. Senator Martin spoke about her attendance at the Phoenix Organization and their concerns. There is a concern for gender-neutral bathrooms and there is an alarming number of hate groups on campus that need to be addressed.
    3. Senator Splitdoser shared and displayed his poster for the amateur photo contest
  1. Adjourn
    1. Senator Soukup motioned to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Senator Thapa. The meeting adjourned at 6:10 PM.