ASL Interpreting

The University contracts for American Sign Language interpreters for students requiring this accommodation.

Students who are enrolled at the University must indicate the need for an interpreter as early as possible to ensure that an interpreter is available. Requests for American Sign Language interpreting for courses should be submitted as soon after priority registration as possible to ensure that interpreters will be available.

ASL interpreters are contracted for in-person interpreting or through video relay where it is appropriate in a course. Students will be notified of which interpreting format will be presented for their courses.

The student must present their schedule to Accessibility Services as soon as they are enrolled for the next term. Students who are Deaf are all scheduled for priority registration for each term and are encouraged to register at that time and submit their upcoming schedule immediately thereafter to allow time for the best interpreting experience for the student.

Individuals may request an American Sign Language Interpreter for BSU sponsored events such as theatre productions, conferences, meetings, and other presentations and should be requested at least two weeks in prior to the event to give us time to locate a qualified ASL interpreter.