Advising FAQ

Who is my advisor?

For most students your academic advisor is a faculty member from your declared academic major. However, if you are participating in a campus program such as Honors, FYRE or SSS you are assigned to a faculty member involved with the program.  If you are not participating in a campus program and have not indicated a major, your academic advisor is your First Year Experience instructor or to an advisor-at-large who will assist you in an advising capacity until you have selected a major.

When will I find out who my advisor is?

New students will be notified of their advisor assignment by the Advising Success Center prior to the start of fall semester classes. You are encouraged to contact your advisor within the first three weeks of the semester to introduce yourself and establish an on-going relationship.

What if I want to change advisors?

You may change your academic advisor at any time during your studies at Bemidji State University by completing and submitting an Advisor Change Form to the Advising Success Center (ASC).  The Advisor Change Form needs to be signed by the advisor indicated on the form or it will not be processed.  Once received, the ASC will process your request and notify you by email of your newly assigned advisor with the advisor?s contact information listed.

What about when I choose or change my major?

When you choose or change your academic major you will also want to complete and submit an Advisor Change Form to the ASC.  In the case of a changed major it is not necessary to indicate a specific faculty member from your chosen major.  The ASC will randomly assign you an advisor from the department of your major.