For New Students

The ASC is here to help guide you through your first semester and make sure you learn everything you need to know to have a safe, productive and successful BSU experience.

As one of the state’s oldest teaching institutions, we understand the importance of establishing yourself early on campus. The students that make friends, join clubs and organizations, and find satisfying courses, are those that are most likely to succeed and earn a degree. To facilitate these bonds, BSU has developed a series of programs that help students make those first connections with campus:

Preparing for your first semester at BSU

Student Guide to Registration from Bemidji State University

Video 1: Navigating the BSU Catalog

Video 1 Resources:


Video 2: Reviewing the DARS

Video 2 Resources:


Video 3: Searching for classes

Video 3 Resource:

Video 4: Bringing it all together

Video 4 Resources:

Additional Information and Services for New Students