Faculty & Staff

With a BSU photo ID, a purchased membership is available to any BSU/NTC Tech employee, retired faculty and staff, their spouses and/or dependents for the current fee.

The Aerobics, Intramurals and Wellness/Fitness programs are also available by paying the appropriate fee.

Spouses/Dependents of BSU/NTC Faculty and Staff

Faculty and staff may purchase memberships for their spouses and dependents (ages 6-26) for the current fee. All children six or older must either have memberships or be paying guests.

Family Membership

Faculty and staff may purchase a family membership good for three or more members of their immediate family (spouse/dependents ages 6-26)

Membership Fees

Monthly Summer Year
$40.00 $110.00 $315.00
Spouse or Dependent $40.00 $110.00 $315.00
Family Membership N/A $315.00 $650.00