The OPC is proud to offer weekend and break trips to BSU students, staff, faculty in addition to the general public.

Our trips are designed to get you out into wild places, learn skills and form friendships. They are always planned with beginners in mind, so you won’t need to be a hardcore athlete or have special equipment to participate. The public is welcome to sign up for all our programs so we often have an interesting blend of ages and life experiences on our trips.

The cost of renting tents, sleeping bags, raingear, etc., is included in the price-and all group gear is arranged by the trip leaders-making our trip an amazing value. The trips are led by trained OPC student staff who put safety and group communication first, so you won’t feel out of place or in over your head.

Whether rock climbing canoeing, skiing, camping, or sea kayaking for the first time, you’ll be in good hands. Please contact the OPC if you are interested or have questions about any of our programs.