Connect2Careers and Resume Help Boosted Rausch

From the time Anna Rausch took her first Accounting class in high school, she knew it was the field she would study in college.

“I loved the numbers; I loved the book work,” she said.

Rausch, a native of Albany, Minn., opted to attend Bemidji State University because she enjoyed the feel and size of the campus. She graduated in 2016, earning her Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting.

Rausch became a staff accountant at Miller McDonald, Inc., a Bemidji-based accounting firm that long has found success in hiring Bemidji State graduates. It has 13 BSU graduates on staff, including three partners.

“The Bemidji State University Accounting program has proven to be a great resource of talent for Miller McDonald over the years,” said Jeremie Midboe, a shareholder in the firm. “We have been in business since 1970 and have always had great luck in hiring ready-to-succeed talent from BSU.”

Rausch was already unfamiliar with Miller McDonald upon her hiring. While at BSU, she watched the Connect2Careers database for potential internships and secured a three-month position over the tax season. Career Services also worked with her to improve her resume.

She learned a lot during her internship and enjoyed the work, gaining real-world experience that she describes as an “amazing” opportunity.

“Accounting just appeals to me,” Rausch said. “It just clicks with what I do. I like doing the work.”