Neilson Foundation Internships

Katrina was a Neilson Foundation intern at Design Angler, a design and marketing agency in Bemidji.

Providing Opportunity and Growing Talent

Bemidji State University and the George W. Neilson Foundation accept applications from Bemidji area employers for a summer program that offers financial incentives to businesses who hire Bemidji State University and Northwest Technical College students for paid internships. The deadline for the 2022 application was on February 28.

The Neilson Foundation will be funding up to 15 internships, including one specifically for health and nursing and 14 for any other private/for-profit business pertaining to any major or program offered by Bemidji State or Northwest Technical College.

Funding will be split equally with 50 percent of the hourly compensation for the intern being paid by the foundation, up to a maximum of $2,500, and the other 50 percent paid by the participating business.

Businesses applying for internship funding must be located within 30 miles of Bemidji.

The internship partnership launched in the summer of 2012 to promote academic development and to encourage employers to provide local, paid internship opportunities for BSU & NTC students. Originally planned to launch with 10 internships, high employer demand led to 13 positions being created at 12 businesses. Since its inception, the program has funded over 100 internships with surpassing half a million dollars invested by local employers.

Visit the Internship Toolkit for overview information on internships, how they work and why they are so valuable for businesses and students.

About the Neilson Foundation

The George W. Neilson Foundation supports community development projects by making grants to programs and projects that improve the lives of the area’s children, adults and senior citizens. The foundation concentrates its giving program in the city of Bemidji and the surrounding area. Following the wishes of contributor Katharine Neilson Cram, the foundation supports northern Minnesota and the Bemidji area, where she spent the summers of her youth and lived throughout her later life.

More Information

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