Align Your Efforts With Your Career Objective

Jobs like being a Orientation assistant builds skills.

Now is the time to build your resume and confidence by targeting internships and related work experience, stepping up your involvement in a club or organization and increasing your participation in career preparedness events and activities.

By your junior year, you should have made some decisions about at least the general direction you’d like to aim your career. If you haven’t uploaded your resume into Connect2Careers, do that right away — and make full use of the many job search tools available to you.

Because the summer between your junior and senior years is prime time for an internship, don’t wait until the spring to begin looking for one. Talk to faculty in your major and your fellow students about internship opportunities they know about. Polish your resume and interviewing skills.

And if you’re thinking about grad school, be sure to attend a Road to Grad School workshop to learn what steps you should be taking now to be ready.