Exploring Majors & Minors

The Beaver Organizational Bash is held at the start of spring and fall semester.

Consider Your Own Unlimited Potential

Students may find choosing a major and planning a career stressful if they feel they must follow a narrow path to a defined future. The truth is, careers these days are frequently quite unprecedented, mixing areas of interest in exciting new ways.

Regardless of how traditional or groundbreaking you’d like your career to be, the start of your college years is a time to explore your many options while learning more about yourself and your strengths.

Be open to new ideas and new opportunities that may help you discover talents and interests you didn’t know you had. In order to accomplish that, talk to lots of people about your ideas and options — your professors, the staff in Career Services, the Advising Success Center, your own academic advisor, your parents, siblings, and friends.

Peer advisors help fellow students.
  • Attend events such as Strengths training and the Major and Career Expo. Get involved with community and on-campus clubs and organizations. Register with BeaverLink to see what various organizations have planned.
  • Set up a coaching appointment with Career Services to help you choose a major.
  • Set up an informational interview with someone in a field you are considering to learn about it from someone who lives it every day.
  • Explore the BSU course catalog to consider areas of study you may not have heard about or understood.
  • Try on courses in different areas you might be interested in.
  • Follow the Career Services calendar for upcoming events. Show up — and ask lots of questions.
  • Visit the Career Assessment page and begin to evaluate where your strengths may take you.

Take things step by step, and you’ll soon be ready to plan your academic journey and grow your knowledge and experience in your chosen field.