You’ve taken the assessment. You’ve discovered your Top Five Themes of Talents. Now what? Explore the 34 individual strengths below to find out specifically how to apply them to study skills, choosing a major, and ultimately, applying for a job.

Developing Your Strengths

Once you have identified your areas of greatest talent, they need to be developed so they can become a strength. According to the StrengthsQuest book by doctors Donald Clifton, Edward “Chip” Anderson and Laurie Schreiner, there are seven principles to make the most of your talents so you can develop them into strengths:

  1. Identify your talents by taking an assessment such as StrengthsFinder and then assess how you have used each of your greatest talents.
  2. You must value your talents and assume personal responsibility for using them in strengths development.
  3. Talents are most powerful when inspired by a personal mission.
  4. Healthy, caring relationships facilitate the development of strengths.
  5. Reliving your successes helps you develop your strengths.
  6. Practice your talents.
  7. Teaching leads to learning.

For more in–depth information about each of these principles, you can go to the StrengthsQuest website, which has the full StrengthsQuest book available.

If you have not taken the Strengths Finder and wish to do so, contact the Advising Success Center.