Graduate School

Uncover, Create and Seize Your Own Opportunities

You’ve chosen your field and done your homework, literally and figuratively. With your resume polished, your interviewing skills honed and your interview outfit ready to go, it’s time to market your strengths and launch a successful job search.

This is the moment you’ve been working toward over the past four years, the chance to put all you’ve learned in and outside of the classroom and all of the strengths you have to offer a prospective employer or graduate school program.

Research potential employers and develop a thorough list of prospects through Connect2Careers and such sites as Take advantage of every interviewing opportunity you can through practice interviews and events like the BSU-NTC Job & Internship Fair and the MN Education Job Fair.

If you’re graduate school-bound, you will need to complete the application process and take needed entrance exams. Learn more about this process at Grad Prep for Seniors.