About the CDEI

The Center for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion coordinates programs and encourages conversations on equity and cultural understanding.

We empower people to explore a deeper understanding of and respect for people of all religions, races, ethnicities, gender identities, ages, sexual orientations, socio-economic statuses, physical abilities or national or regional origins.

The center’s mission is to provide a diverse, inclusive, high-quality and comprehensive educational experience for all students. We engage the campus and surrounding communities to promote and advocate for diversity, equity, inclusion and multiculturalism. The center works with the BSU and NTC campus communities to ensure a quality college education for all students — one that encourages a diverse and multicultural educational experience.

How we can help

Students, staff and community members share their stories at the 2016 Coming Out panel.

The center can help cultivate a deeper understanding of diversity, equity, inclusion and multiculturalism. We develop programs with students and employees to educate and foster an inclusive and welcoming environment on the BSU and NTC campuses, and we are a resource for anyone who hopes to learn more about issues of diversity through conversation and community engagement.

a Diverse Campus Community

The Annual Festival of Nations brings hundreds of students and community members together in celebration of our diversity.

Through collaboration with campus and community organizations, the center develops recruitment, retention and graduation strategies that support the academic and personal success of all students. We sponsor workshops and provide resources that help our campus communities teach and support diverse students, and we help connect students to support and assistance resources both on our campus or in the community.

Located in the Hobson Memorial Student Union, the CDEI provides a safe and inviting space for all students and employees to discuss issues of diversity, equity and inclusion. We assess campus needs and create support programs that will help our students achieve their graduation goals.

Community Partnerships 

Students, staff and the community join together in celebration of Coming Out day.

The Bemidji community plays an essential role in the diverse and multicultural educational experience of BSU and NTC students. The center collaborates and shares resources with diverse local and regionalcommunity-based organizations, such as:

  • gathering and sharing information about diverse community resources and events.
  • developing collaborative relationships with local and regional agencies that serve diverse populations.
  • working with students and employees who are interested in volunteering or becoming involved with the broader diverse communities in and around Bemidji.