Beavers United Newsletter

Beavers United – A Newsletter for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion is published electronically every semester and features stories of diversity written by our campus community. The goal of the newsletter is to inform students, faculty, staff and administrators about diversity, equity and inclusion news, events and achievements at BSU/NTC.

Inspire, connect and celebrate diversity with us by submitting a related story, event, activity or accomplishment.

If you have any questions about our electronic publication contact us at (218) 755-3773.


  1. November 30th (Fall Newsletter)
  2. April 30th (Spring Newsletter)

Beavers United Newsletter Submission

  • Please provide a paragraph description to be copied and pasted into the Diversity Newsletter. If possible, submit a Microsoft Word file and a photo of yourself or event. Please note that submission will be entered into the newsletter with minimal editing.