Unfortunately–due to COVID 19–we have suspended the ELC programs for the foreseeable future. We hope we can continue the ELC program but at this time are not accepting applications for the English Language Center, bridge or pathway programs.

The English Language Center offers programs beginning in both the spring and fall. Students who complete either program may choose to continue to complete their degree at Bemidji State University.

The Pathway Program for English Language Learners

If international applicants do not meet Bemidji State University (BSU)’s English proficiency requirements for undergraduate admission, they may be admitted into the Pathway Program for English Language Learners.

The Pathway Program helps students develop English skills in reading, writing, listening, and speaking, while earning university degree credits. Students take a combination of developmental English language coursework and academic classes, usually half and half, during each term. This arrangement gives students the opportunity to focus on improving one or more English skill areas, while simultaneously working towards a degree.

The Pathway Program’s duration of 32 weeks is subdivided into two 16-week sessions, corresponding with the University’s terms (fall and spring). Assessment occurs at the end of each term using an evaluation system developed by the University. When a student meets the required benchmarks in all English skills areas, they may enroll full-time in their degree program.


Most students admitted to the Pathway Program score 50 or higher on the internet-based TOEFL (iBT) or 5 on the IELTS exam. Other test scores will be evaluated and considered for admission.

Application process and admission requirements for the Pathway Program are the same as those for undergraduate admissions except for the English proficiency test scores. To apply for admission, please go to Admission requirements

  1. Application fee of $20
  2. Official transcripts
  3. International Application for Admissions
  4. Admission essay
  5. English language proficiency test scores
  6. Financial Affidavit,  2019-20 Cost Information and 2020-21 Expense Sheet
  7. International Student Agreement Form
  8. Copy of passport ID page

BSU International Admissions reviews each applicant holistically and takes into consideration all materials submitted.

Intensive English Language Program

The Intensive English Language Program offers full-time language instruction in a small class setting. Our program is designed for intermediate to high-intermediate English language students who need more semesters of English before beginning university classes. Students are taught at least 18 classroom clock hours per week.

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