For Parents

Parent’s Guide to SCHC’s Counseling Services

We provide consultation services to parents who are concerned about their child and are seeking advice on how they can best help their child.  Please click on the link below to watch a video and listen to common parent questions answered by our counselors.


Consultation Services for Parents

We can:
  • Help you assess your child’s situation, the seriousness of the problem, and your child’s level of safety.
  • Give you suggestions on the most effective ways to talk with your child about your concerns.
  • Talk to you about the services we offer and what your child can expect if they choose to make an appointment.
  • Coach you on the best approach to suggest counseling to your child and help you to make a referral to the SCHC for counseling services (see also Making a Referral).
  • Provide you with information on resources within the community.
  • Help you decide what role you can play to help your child through their difficulties.
We can not:
  • Allow you to make an appointment for your child. The student must make the appointment himself/herself.
  • Discuss confidential information regarding your child’s treatment or even tell you if they have made or kept an appointment, unless your child gives us permission to do so in writing (see Confidentiality for more information).
  • Provide counseling for parents.

Is My Child In Distress?

Signs to watch for that may indicate your child is in distress, and strategies for ways you can help.

Transition To College

What your child may experience in their transition to college, and how you can help support them and yourself.

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