RAs & Student Leaders

Residence hall assistants and other student leaders are often in the position of recognizing a student may be struggling. Students in distress may turn to you for advice or guidance.

We offer support services to help you help a student in distress.


We can consult with you regarding issues that concern a student’s welfare. If you are concerned about a student, but are unsure of what you should do, we can help you evaluate the situation, and give you some ideas on how to go about talking with the student and how to make a referral to our center. If you feel a student is in crisis, offer to let them use your phone to call the Counseling Center, or even to walk with them to the Center to make an appointment.

Training and Presentations

Training and psycho-educational presentations are available upon request, as staff time and resources permit, to RAs, student leaders and student groups.  If you’d like to request a presentation please call us at: 218-755-2053 or email either counselor.